Jobs For The Girls

Jobs For The Girls   I was talking to my child the other day about life, friends and anything in between when she decided to ask me a question about work, or ‘workies’ as she likes to call it. The conversation took a sharp left turn that I really was not expecting. “Mammy, why do …

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Last week I had a couple of rather unsavoury experiences that have really got me thinking. Common sense tells me it’s always wise to let the dust settle before broaching a topic that’s really touched a nerve, but I’m getting this one out now because I really dislike the festering feeling I’ve been left with. …

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Blog Killer

The Blog Killer

I’ve recently come to a bit of conclusion. It may or may not be correct, but I’m going to share my theory with you all anyway and see whereabouts it lands on the close-to-home barometer. Here’s the thing; a lot of blogs are pretty shit. There’s no getting away from that fact, sorry. Before I …

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Sometimes I forget that in this world, competition is now the norm. It’s hard not to let it take over at times, especially when you’re starting something new. It’s so easy to compare your efforts to another’s and get angry or disappointed with yourself as a result. But we shouldn’t do that, and here’s why. …

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Vanity   One of the seven deadly sins and generally not something I’ve ever really been afflicted with before, vanity is a dirty word. Well, it used to be. Somewhat embarrassingly, I’ve realised that I’m slowly becoming a victim of vanity. I’m getting older, and while I’m not exactly ready for the scrapheap just yet, …

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Short Fuse

Short Fuse

Maybe this is a short girl thing. Maybe it’s an age thing. Maybe it’s just me. My fuse is getting shorter. Increasingly so. Historically speaking, I’ve always been a fairly easygoing type when it comes to other people. With myself, that’s another story, but with other people, I would rarely snap, bite or give them …

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Fit: Destination Unknown

Fit. It’s a word thrown about almost constantly. The ultimate destination on the journey to ‘your best self’, and all that. Fit is something I’ve never been, but something that had to become a priority in recent times. Here’s why. Earlier this year, I decided I was going to try and sort my health out …

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