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I’ve worked with a number of brands and have a range of discount codes, offers and deals that I can share with you if you’d like to use them.

The links shown here are affiliate links, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, I’ll make a small commission at no extra cost to you. That’s a good thing because it helps me to maintain my website and keep up with the running costs of my website.

Click on any of these links to grab the offers or discount codes listed. Also, be sure to check back on this page regularly for the latest discount codes and other links you can make use of.

Clicking through on these really does help me out and helps me to keep writing, and is very much appreciated.

Gaming & Tech

For all the latest deals on gaming, make sure you check out the awesome range of offers at 365games. They have some brilliant savings on consoles, games and peripherals, as well as a great selection of merchandise, card and board games too. Check out the latest offers here:

Adobe Creative Cloud

Working in design means getting to grips with the best tools to help you in your creative efforts. When push comes to shove, the Adobe suite is the watermark in creative toolkits. The Creative Cloud offers Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC — Plus, millions of Adobe Stock assets and new premium images that are built right in. Worth every penny if you’re looking to up your design game. Check it out here:

Custom Controllers

If you like your controller to have a bit more personality than the average peripheral, then you need to check out what’s available at Custom Controllers. There are uniquely customised controllers on offer here for Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, PS5 and Switch. You can also design your own for a truly bespoke piece. Check out the latest deals here.

Another great place to make savings on games, collectables and merchandise is Go2Games. Check out their latest offers here and bag yourself a bargain on the latest titles or pre-order new games at great prices.

Cash In Your Gadgets

Check out a simple way to sell your old or unwanted tech and gadgets online at Cash In Your Gadgets. They offer a safe data destruction service as well as paying you for the items you want to get rid of. Collection is free too, so check out what you could earn for selling off your old tech.

Humble Bundle

Gaming is one of my favourite hobbies but it can be expensive if you don’t have access to a subscription. You can use my code to join up to Humble Bundle Monthly and you’ll be able to save by having bundles of amazing games sent to your inbox for $12 a month! If you sign up with this link part of my commission also goes to support Dogs Trust. Saving money on your games and supporting an animal welfare charity in one go is a great reason to sign up.

Streamlabs Prime

Streamlabs is of the best tools to get started with streaming. It allows you to live stream to a variety of platforms from your PC and is free to use. However, if you’re looking to get the full support and customisation options available, you can use this code for $10 off the Streamlabs Prime annual plan! Great if you want to get started with streaming. This code also gives you $9 off the monthly plan if you just want to try it out first.

Money & Saving


I’m always saying that one of the best ways to save money on your online purchases is through cashback sites. My favourite is TopCashback – where you basically save as you spend. I’ve made about £20 cashback purely off my takeaway spending! Click here to sign up if you’re not already part of this brilliant money-saving website.


Respondent is probably one of the best market research companies I’ve worked with. They offer really high paying (upwards of £50 a pop) research and academic surveys you can take from the comfort of your own home. These are some of the highest-paid market research studies you can take part in, and they’re often really interesting too. Depending on the subject matter you may be asked to chat with someone on a Skype call or just to give your feedback, but they’re very well compensated for the time you put into them.


Cryptocurrency is a scary concept to some, but for many, it’s the next step in the digital economy, so you’d be missing out if you didn’t learn about it now. Coinbase has a really simple and user-friendly way to learn all about the world of cryptocurrency, and with their ‘earn as you learn’ programme, you’ll receive cryptocurrency as you watch videos! It’s a really easy way to start learning about blockchain and make some coins while you do.

Haircare & Beauty


My favourite place to grab hair and beauty products here in the UK is Superdrug. They do some brilliant conditioners and treatments that can help you with your curly hair goals. Plus, they’re committed to cruelty-free beauty and healthcare too, which is another reason I really like shopping there. You can use this link to get the latest deals and discounts!

Revolution Beauty London

My absolute favourite make-up brand has to be Revolution. I’m a huge fan of their ethical stance and I love the uniqueness of their range of products! They also have loads of really affordable products that are developed for a huge variety of skin tones. You can check out their latest deals and offers by clicking here:

Noughty Haircare

Get 25% off your next purchase at Noughty! If you’re starting out on your curly girl method journey then you might have seen me talking about Noughty Haircare in my posts. I love their products and they’re a great way to start off with co-washing, conditioning and avoiding the CG-unfriendly ingredients! Use my link here for 25% off your next purchase, and you’ll have a headstart on those gorgeous curls in no time.

The Body Shop®

I’ve always loved The Body Shop! They’re another company that’s shown a strong commitment to ethical beauty, which is really important to me when it comes to buying skincare and beauty products. Check out their latest offers and new ranges here:

Fashion & Style


If you’re looking for some pop-culture chic for your wardrobe then check out one of my favourite new brands Popgear! They’ve got some fantastic t-shirts and merchandise on a range of themes from gaming to TV and movie franchises. If you’re after something a bit different then hit that button to make some great savings!

e&e Jewellery

I’m a big fan of simply designed, handmade jewellery and if you are too then you can check out the fantastic deals and unique collections now available at e&e jewellery now by clicking the button below!

Joanie Clothing

I love a bit of something vintage-inspired! If you do too, make sure you hit the button below to grab yourself something fabulous at Joanie. I love their dresses and T-shirts, so to browse some of the bestsellers grab yourself something a bit different by checking out what’s on offer now!

Fitness & Sport

Safe Jawz

Rugby is a big part of my life and as you’ll know if you’ve read any of my rugby fitness posts, you need the proper equipment to stay safe while you’re playing. Luckily you can use this code at Safe Jawz for a discount on a custom-fit mouthguard. Just enter the code 10OFFTREAT at the checkout after clicking through here.

Travel & Tickets

Attraction Tickets

If any of my posts on our last-minute trip to Walt Disney World have inspired you to start searching for your dream holiday, make sure you check out the awesome tickets deals available through Attraction Tickets! They do brilliant Orlando combination tickets, which mean you can get unlimited flexibility for both Walt Disney World and Universal, not to mention the many other attractions in Florida. Check out their great deals here:

Disneyland Paris

If you’re thinking about trying out a Disney holiday but aren’t sure if Florida is the right choice for you then why not check out what’s on offer at Disneyland Paris instead! They often offer free dining for summer bookings as well, so click below to head through to their website and get your summer holiday booked up now!

DFDS Seaways

Short ferry breaks are a great option if you’re looking to get away but don’t fancy flying anywhere. You can check out the current offers from DFDS for routes from Newcastle to Amsterdam, Dover-Dunkirk/Calais, Copenhagen to Oslo, Kiel to Klaipeda, and Sassnitz to Klaipeda and Karlshamn to Klaipeda.

For more information on how I work with brands and as an affiliate, you can also read my disclosure policy. To contact me about PR/collaborations, please feel free to send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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