Yes, that’s my actual name.

Hiya! I’m Ar. It’s a family nickname of sorts.  I’m a freelance writer and artist from the UK. I’m also a parent, rugby player, narrative design novice, curly hair owner, gamer (and occasional streamer), social media addict and full-time thrifter. Writing and being creative is who I am, and this is the place where I get to share some of that with the world.

Over the last couple of years I’ve tried to keep all the branches of my work separate, but that’s getting exhausting, so I’ve streamlined things a bit with this website.

Here are some buttons that will take you to some of my projects. Take your pick!

Other things to know about me

I have a lot of different interests and ideas, just like most other human beings. That’s why you won’t find me working within one particular genre on my website. I enjoy writing about a wide range of topics, so I work hard to create a blog that’s proudly niche-free. You’ll find a mix of lifestyle content, advice for fellow freelancers, tech and gaming features alongside creative writing and poetry here. You might even find the odd illustration or two if I feel like mixing things up a bit!

Gaming and narrative design

I’m really passionate about developing my skills as a narrative designer and am working towards that as a long-term career. You can view samples of my games writing and narrative work in my creative portfolio. For more information about that side of my work, feel free to get in touch with me on Twitter or on Discord at Ar#5292.

Want to work together?

Brilliant. I love a good collaboration. Please read my disclosure and terms and all that jazz though, I won’t just write any old rubbish. Well, not unless you’re going to offer me thousands to do so, in which case, I’ll consider my stance.

For content creation, check out my Zine Media Kit, email me at [email protected] or click this button to find out more about that side of things.

Social stuff you might be interested in

It’s a really fine line.

Across all of my different social media profiles, I currently have something like 7,000 odd followers. It’s something like that anyway, I started adding them all up on a calculator and then realised I’m not really that arsed. Plus, it only matters if they actually talk to you, doesn’t it?

Fortunately for me, mine are a lovely bunch and tend to engage with me on a daily basis on Twitter, Discord and Instagram. Sometimes Facebook too, but to be honest I’ve been staying away from that toxic cesspool for a while now.

Anyway, I do a fair bit on Instagram, the occasional gaming and creative live stream and my Twitter addiction is showing no signs of slowing down, so the best place to catch up with me is on either of those much less meme-ridden platforms.

Get in touch

There’s probably more I can add to this but I’ll make a professional note to come back to it later. In the meantime, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] if you’d like to get in touch with me, I’d love to hear from you.

Buy me a cuppa

You can subscribe to my Ko-Fi page if you’d like to receive regular doodle-based and other creative treats custom made for you, or you can just be an all-round good egg and buy me a cuppa if you like. You’ll have my everlasting gratitude and love either way!

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