New Writing

The Writer

The Writer

The Writer   The writer often hoped that her writing would not come off too autobiographical. She wanted to write, for the love of writing. And yet there’s no real way to keep the writing you create truly impersonal, she thought. Laughing internally at the […]

The Voice

The Voice

The Voice   He heard it that morning, louder than ever before. The voice. It loved to wake him in the middle of the night as he lay next to his wife, sleeping yet not quite sleeping. Sometimes he heard it when she spoke to […]





The mask I wear


more often than not of late.

Slippery yet drying

it clings to me

like I cling to the idea

of youth

lingering on inside

my sun-damaged face.



is a base layer

a building block

for the other visual lies

I present to the world

or tell myself.



shouldn’t just come from a bottle

or stick

or revolutionary solid block.



is what you’re made of

not what you make-up.





Glass   How can something like glass be real? Fragile yet deadly the product of millions of grains of sand and yet entirely transparent. Ethereal yet made of human hand, quick to bite that which created it.   Glass reveals all hides nothing until threatened. […]

The White Dog

The White Dog

The White Dog   What if the Black Dog had a sister? The White Dog, who knows no fear, no rage or madness, laughs entirely in the face of sadness. The White Dog runs, the Black Dog chases, she brings joy and light to our […]

The Travel Wishlist

The Travel Wishlist


There are places in the world most of us dream of visiting. If you don’t have a travel wishlist, then I honestly don’t know what to tell you. There’s a world out there full of massive adventures – who wouldn’t want to explore that?

That said, there are a few places that make me feel a tad apprehensive. I’ve never quite been sure about visiting such far-flung places as China or Japan – purely because the idea of going somewhere that I couldn’t make myself understood in any way unnerves me a bit.  Also not being able to interpret symbols and signs with total accuracy makes me wonder if I’d find it an enjoyable visit. As a linguist, I’ve always been able to get by in mainland Europe, but aside from a trip to Cuba I’m yet to travel any further than the EU area.

Must remember to write about Cuba later.

Anyway, I’ve been working on my Travel Wishlist board on Pinterest and decided to try and come up with a top ten. I don’t know whether this is going to make me feel excited and start making plans, or just remind me that I’m piss poor and trapped in my own life. Either way, let’s do it. As an aside, I refuse to call this a ‘Bucket List’ because I find that whole notion bizarre. I mean, just go there because you want to, not because you need to do it before you die. Jeez, morbid or what?

So, in no particular order – here goes:

The Travel Wishlist


I’ve never been to Ireland. Everyone says it’s amazingly beautiful (if a bit expensive), so considering it’s actually just a short plane trip or ferry crossing from me, it’s strange how I’ve never actually gone there yet. This one I’m putting near the top though because there’s really no excuse for me not to try it out soon.


Just look at it. This one I am lusting after constantly. I don’t know why, but I just really want to visit Canada. The size of it, the variation in geography, the natural beauty, all that snow. For someone who moans about being absolutely freezing all the time, the irony here isn’t lost on me. You can’t deny though, the place looks lush. I’ve always fancied a trip to Newfoundland, or Toronto, but as a bit of a novice I’d appreciate any tips if you’ve visited Canada yourself.

New Zealand

I would absolutely love to visit New Zealand. Small-Me’s childminder is from there and is always talking about how fantastic it is. Not so long back, I was looking into actually moving there, before I realised I should probably do some research or at least visit the place once before making such a massive decision. The climate, rugby culture, breathtaking scenery and opportunities to build a business there are awesome, it’s just finding out more about the actual lifestyle and islands themselves that’s key. Have you been?



What is it with me and snow? I genuinely hate being freezing, but always seem to gravitate towards snowy destinations! Who knows why. Anyway, I like the idea of Alaska. It’s in the USA, but not like ‘in’ the USA – there’s bucketloads of snow and scenery and it’s near Canada too (I think). So beautiful though, how could you not want to see that in real life?


IKEA! No, that’s not really why. I actually remember reading ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ years ago and thinking to myself that I needed to visit Sweden. It seems like an inexplicably cool and mysterious kind of place. Modern culture and style meets outdoor living. Mega focus on eco-friendliness and slick design and architecture. I dunno, everything about the place just screams cool. I’m fairly sure it’s expensive to go there, but so what – once wouldn’t hurt (I hope).



SAFARI. Come on, this one has to be on all our wishlists, surely? As much as the heat would probably burn me alive, I would love to visit Kenya purely for the animal sighting potential. Again, this would cost me an arm and a leg and I’d probably have to wear a jumpsuit the entire time I was there so I didn’t fry to a ginger crisp, but for elephants and giraffes and shit? Worth it.

New Orleans

Not entirely sure why but I would really enjoy a visit to the American south. I think it’s down to watching things like Interview With The Vampire, American Horror Story or True Blood. Regardless, I just proper fancy a visit to this part of America at some point in my lifetime. It looks spooky and awesome, the food seems immense and I love a bit of something different. Ooh, and jazz, mustn’t forget the jazz.


Because Australia. Need I go on?



You lot know I love Spain. Well Mexico is like that other kind of Spain that I’m really curious about. Again, it’ll be hotter than my pasty white skin can really deal with, but for the culture, the history, the food and the scenery, I totally want to go there. Not the touristy bits though, I want to see the actual Mexico.



I know a lot of people who would love to visit Iceland, and I’m one of them. My friend went last year and said it was incredible. Another snow and ice type of place that you can also get a mega sunburn in – seems right up my street anyway. Plus, Game Of Thrones is filmed there too! Also, there’s always the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. Can you imagine how amazing that must be to see first hand?



So there you go, a non-comprehensive list of places I want to trek to. What’s on your travel wishlist? Have you been to any of the places I’ve mentioned? If so, let me know any vital information before I pick one to start off with!