15 Amazing Instagrams For Writers To Follow


When you think about Instagram, your first thought isn’t usually of a place to find quality writing. Instagram is by nature image-based, so you wouldn’t expect it to be a great source of writing content, right?


Instagram is a veritable hotbed of writing talent. If you’re into poetry, in particular, there’s a world of inspiration on there. Check out this list of recommended Instagrams for you to make use of as a writer.


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Poets is an account that sources and shares some of the best poetry on Instagram. A great starting point if you’re looking for poetry inspiration.

Amoralee Poetree

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8.11.18 Thank goodness I have the weekend off!

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I love this account so much. I can’t even explain why really, but it really works for me. Go and check out Amoralee’s work for yourself!


Darksentences is a great Instagram for writers, they have loads of variety in the writing that they share and provide opportunities for you to have your work featured too.


I love these simple but direct poems. They always make me stop and think.

The Unpaid Writer

The unpaid writer in us all should appreciate these words of wisdom. Microtales are a key thing for Instagram writers and you’ll find plenty of those here.

Typewriters Voice

Another great place to find inspiration for your poems or short stories.

Writing Prompts

One of my favourite Instagram accounts and a source of ongoing creative ideas, Writing Prompts does exactly what it says on the tin.

Daily Writing Tips

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I think it's easy to just decide, ok the hero is good and the villain is bad, and just put them on opposite ends of the spectrum from each other. Consider, instead, a villain that is similar in some way to the hero. This could add depth to their actions as well as their interactions with each other. For example, Tom Riddle and Harry Potter. . . . . . . . . #writingtips #writertips #tipsforwriting #tipsforwriters #tipsforauthors #write #writing #writingmotivation #writer #writers #author #authors #writinghelp #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram  #writinginspiration #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #writersofig #writerlife #writingbooks #writingnovels #writingabook #writinganovel #amwriting #writingcommunity

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Sometimes it’s helpful to have a starting point or topic to get your brain firing up in the mornings, and I love this account for helping me to do that.


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Tag that friend…

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Because sometimes, you just have to laugh about your lack of progress.


It had to feature in here somewhere, didn’t it? So NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) happens every November, but this year the Instagram account is holding an #InstaWrimo challenge all through September too. Kick start your writing habit here!

Nearly Complete

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Our third winner is @alyssaleebolt, who's garnered the most likes on her story. Congratulations! We include this prize because there is a veritable treasure trove of lessons in reading your fellow writers’ work. It helps you broaden your horizon, and advance your writing style, and realize how the exact same prompt can lead in wildly different directions. You'll see things that you like, and things you do not, and all that knowledge will be invaluable in finding your style as a writer. Now, while Alyssa absolutely did do a great job, I have to stress that likes or follows aren’t what make you an author. It is perfectly human to long for validation, but letting your worth depend on other people’s approval is a surefire way to get absolutely nowhere. At the end of the day, great novels aren't born from market research – they're born from an inspired vision that you truly believe in. [email protected]

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Nearly Complete showcases writing across it’s Instagram and website, offering competition spots for new and aspiring authors. 

Writing Routines

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The ingredients of a successful writer.

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Writing Routines is a fantastic account that looks at the writing advice and routines of some of the world’s most famous authors. A great place to find some motivation when writer’s block hits.

Writer’s Den

Another great place to submit and share your work, and discover writing inspiration from others.


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Always ❤️ #SA

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I just love this account. Some beautiful words and interesting perspectives.

Actual Ar


Ok, so I know this is a bit of a cheat, but here’s how I use my Instagram as a writer. It’s a bit of a mix of poems and micro tales at the moment, but it’s useful for me to have a visual reference of my work too.

So there you have it, 15 amazing Instagrams for you to check out if you’re a writer. I’d love to know where you find inspiration for creating your content, whether it’s stories, poems or web copy. 

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