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Writing Instagram Accounts To Help With Writer’s Block

You might remember a while ago I wrote a bit about 15 amazing Instagrams for writers. In this post, I’m sharing an updated version of the best Instagram accounts for writers to follow. Writing Instagram accounts are some of my favourite on the platform. It can be a bit of a mixed bag on social media when it comes to writing inspiration. Instagram’s actually one place that’s full of ideas and prompts that can help with writer’s block.

When it comes to interest-based social scrolling, Instagram has always been a strong competitor. Writing Instagrams are much more helpful at times than you’d think. The other great thing about using Instagram as a tool for writing is that you can connect with other writers through it.

Writing can be quite isolating by nature, so it’s a great way to expand your social reach and build working relationships with others.

In this post, I’m going to be taking a quick look at some of my favourite writing Instagram accounts. Hopefully, they’ll give you a few fresh perspectives that’ll encourage you to write more. I know I can always make use of a bit of writing motivation!

Writing Instagram accounts to beat writer’s block

Check out some of the accounts featured in this list to kickstart your creativity and end that writer’s block! You can also discover a range of related Instagram writing accounts by exploring hashtags like #writerslife, #amwriting and #writingcommunity.

Update: I’ve had to convert all these lovely visual Instagram posts into links because WordPress and Instagram don’t like each other anymore. Shame. Anyhow, although it doesn’t look that pretty these days, you can just click the links to check out the recommendations.


An account packed full of writing prompts sourced from around the web, which means you’re bound to find something to get your imagination firing.


You’ll find a range of prompts and tips in this account, as well as some great reposts. Community building is an important part of developing as a writer in the digital space, so be sure to engage with some of the content shared.


I really like this account as it leans into those who are interested in developing their writing skills for the screen, or in my case, for games. There’s a wealth of useful information and ideas shared regularly here. So, if you’re interested in writing for TV, film or games, this account is definitely worth following.


This account is another great source of writing inspiration and support for budding screenwriters. Even if you’re not planning on developing how to write for the screen, there are loads of great ideas and tips to help with writer’s block.


Sometimes one of the best ways to get your writing back on track is to just look for the fun in it again! This account provides a bit of writing humour and is a great place to start networking with fellow creatives.


There are some great prompts for dialogue, scenes and entire stories in this account, as well as the opportunity to suggest your own writing prompts for others.


Lots of helpful tips, prompts and motivation to be found in this account! I think it’s one of the more thought-provoking accounts for writers to really make use of when editing their work as well.


Another writing Instagram account that’s packed full of helpful advice to help you with your writing goals. I like some of the suggested writing exercises in this one best!

Which writing Instagram accounts would you add to the list?

There are so many more great writing-based Instagram accounts that I could have added here but I think these are a great starting point.

Do you know of any fantastic Instagram accounts for writers? Let me know your recommendations in the comments. Also, I’d love to know where you get your inspiration from if social media isn’t your thing.

As always, if you’ve found this post helpful, please do give it a share or you can check out some of my other resources for writers over on my Pinterest boards.

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