Worried About Getting Older

Worried About Getting Older? Some Important Things To Remember

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Are you worried about getting older? I think for most of us, this is a thought that lingers around our minds more often than we’d care to admit. It’s normal to worry about getting older. After all, we’re often sold a lie from magazines and newspapers that anybody over the age of 30 no longer matters or is relevant. We often have the media to thank for this, as well as films that tend to only cast young people in roles meant for older people.

Not to mention all of the emphasis put on non-surgical procedures to smooth out and plump up wrinkles. It can really get on top of you if you think about it too much. If you’ve been worried about getting older, you’ll find some important things to remember below. 

If you look after yourself now, you’ll be ok later

Start today. The best way to ease the sense of worry about getting older is to do something today that helps you to feel in control. It’s never too late to begin looking after your mind and body. You can take care of your mind by challenging yourself, doing puzzles, crosswords, and reading. Do the things that keep your mind active, whatever they might be.

You can (and should) take care of your body by exercising, stretching, and eating a balanced diet. You should also try to keep your stress levels low and avoid habits like smoking and excessive drinking. The fact is that if you can start looking after yourself now, you’ll likely be in a much better position as you age. People who exercise, for example, tend to have better mobility when they get older. 

Your perspective is everything 

Ok, I’ll admit, I often find this one hard, but it’s true. Your perspective on getting older is everything. How you look at it can change the situation entirely. There are many people who look forward to getting older because they know they will be wiser and more content with themselves. If you dread it and don’t appreciate the good that comes from getting older, then you’ll create your own story. Either way, whatever you believe will be true, so try to change the story you’re telling yourself about ageing. 

Worried About Getting Older

Talk to your family about how you’re feeling

If you’re very worried, then maybe you can have a gentle chat with your family about it. It’s perfectly normal to have these fears and thoughts, and you might be surprised to hear you’re not alone in thinking about them. No one likes to think about their older years, but by thinking ahead and preparing a plan of some sort, you’ll save potential heartache along the road. Making a will is something to really start thinking about in your thirties, as you never know what could happen and you want to ensure your children are provided for.

For older family members especially, this kind of conversation can be helpful, even if it seems like something way off into the future. The way you approach this is important, as they may not be expecting the conversation or feel ready for it. You might want to show them a place like Eastleighcarehomes.co.uk/locations/care-homes-north-devon/ so they know where you want to go if it’s no longer possible for you to stay at home. You might want to discuss your will and other things. Try not to be morbid about it though, especially if you’re talking to your kids. They worry about you more than you realise, even if they are young! 

Self-acceptance will get you everywhere

It’s an ongoing process, but you can learn to accept yourself, exactly as you are, at any age. Self-acceptance will do so much for your confidence and happiness. Work on loving yourself no matter what, and it won’t matter how your body or looks change. This is probably the most important way to combat feeling worried about getting older, in my opinion.

There’s no age limit on what you can achieve 

Forget the timeline that society tries to impose upon us. There’s no age limit to what you can achieve, so go out and get it! The time will pass anyway, so you may as well spend it doing something you love. 

Still worried about getting older?

Try not to be. It’s easier said than done! However, living life in fear of what’s going to happen in your later years can have a negative impact on your present-day life. We only have the time we have, so it’s important to learn how to make the most of it whilst still preparing for our lives as older people in advance.

What are your thoughts on this topic? I know it’s not always an easy one to discuss, but breaking down stigmas is important. Ageing and death have such negative connotations for society that we need to try and normalise these conversations. I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to leave me a comment in the box below.

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