How Do You Get Your Confidence Back?

How Do You Get Your Confidence Back When It Has Gone Missing?

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Confidence is something that does not come easily to a lot of people. There are many individuals who have always struggled for confidence. Whether it is the way they look, the way they feel in social situations, or their academic capabilities, they feel like something is holding them back and this, therefore, prevents them from truly excelling and being the most confident version of themselves. But how do you get your confidence back, especially when it’s gone missing?

Confidence issues can strike even the most outgoing of us, as well as those natural introverts. There are then people who used to be extremely confident but something has happened in their life that has called them to lose this confidence.

This could be anything from breaking up with a partner or losing a job to suffering hair loss. With that being said, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do when your confidence seems to have gone missing.

How Do You Get Your Confidence Back

How do you get your confidence back after a setback?

The first thing I’d recommend doing is trying to figure out why your confidence has gone missing. Some people won’t be able to find the answer to this question. It may simply be because they do not value themselves enough and they do not know why. That’s an ongoing challenge. However, for others, there can be often specific events or reasons for their loss of confidence.

For example, it could be because you have lost your job. In this case, it makes sense to focus on your strengths and what got you the job in the first place. You can then use this and apply it to your job search going forward. Try and focus on the positives that got you into the role you were working in. That’s often a huge achievement in itself these days! There are always lessons to learn from setbacks, even those career ones that feel like you can never recover from.

Physical confidence issues

Issues with physical appearance, and body image are rife among us. General pressure applied by the media, health and beauty standards can also have a massive impact on our confidence. In this world of filters, social media glamour and online touch-ups, it can be difficult to have the confidence to feel like you can just be yourself.

Standards of ‘beauty’ can lead people to feel as though their self-worth is measured by the number of ‘likes’ they get on a social media post. This is a shame, but it’s important to remember that it’s not what we look like that truly matters. It’s who we are as people.

Another example would be hair loss. This is something a lot of men and women experience and it can really knock your confidence. Booking an appointment with a hair transplant clinic and taking that all-important first step can help you to feel great again.

Try and do one thing each day that helps you remain connected with yourself. Whether that’s going without make-up occasionally or not applying a filter on your photos; give it a try and see if your confidence in yourself can start to come back a bit.

How Do You Get Your Confidence Back

The power of positive self-talk

Another way to boost your confidence and start to feel amazing again is to repeat positive affirmations to yourself on a daily basis. Positive affirmations are statements that make you feel great about yourself and believe in yourself. Once you repeat these phrases on a regular basis, your heart and your mind will start to catch up and you will become more confident in yourself.

I’ve recently been trying this out as I’m terrible at negative self-talk. I can honestly say that it is making a difference in the way I view myself and also the attitude I project towards those around me. Give it a try!

How Do You Get Your Confidence Back

Think about the small wins

A final tip is to start celebrating those small wins. Goal setting is important for everyone, yet a lot of people make the error of setting their objectives too high, making them almost impossible to achieve! Instead, break up your big goals into smaller goals so that you are always celebrating those all-important small wins. This can really help to build your confidence back up.

Final thoughts

So there you have it: some of the different things you can do if you feel like you have lost your confidence. A lot of people get to the stage where they feel like their confidence has taken a massive hit and they do not know how to get it back.

However, if you follow some of the tips and advice provided, you should be able to find some ways to boost your self-esteem and start to become a more confident person. Good luck!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you have any top tips for how to boost your confidence after a setback? Let me know in the comments.

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