It’s been a busy few weeks here. What with the start of the summer holidays and the adjustment to the once in a lifetime heatwave we’ve been experiencing this summer, things have taken a bit of a left turn, writing-wise.

I’d forgotten how time-consuming being on parent duty full time can actually be, and while I love my little girl dearly, I’m struggling to find the time to write or do work of any other kind!

I’ve also just been through the process of SSL renewal and other assorted revamps, so my website has been in a state of flux for the last couple of weeks, so I apologise for that too.

Time To Sort Things Out

Anyway, as discussed in my last post, things have been getting a bit much. The spinning of plates in my life needs to stop, so it’s time to start streamlining.

My love of writing and design need to start working in sweet harmony, not in ragged opposition to one another. It’s too much for me, the juggling act is getting overwhelming.

So with that in mind I’m going to be linking up my design business Rosarts with my writing work here at Actual Ar. My first love of writing runs only slightly ahead of my love of art and design. I set up my design business a few years ago but soon realised that it wasn’t the right place for my writing to coexist.

So I separated everything out and ended up giving myself an unmanageable workload in the process.

I can’t keep operating in two different capacities so I’m going to finally unmask myself a little through Rosarts, which I have always done fairly anonymously. If you’d like to check out the kind of design and illustration work I do as well as my writing here then it’d be much appreciated. I’m still in the process of streamlining that website though, so be warned, it’s also a bit potholed at the moment.

Hopefully, this streamlining process will alleviate my work headaches somewhat so that I can fully focus 100% on my writing and design work. I need them to live together in peace, for my own productivity and well-being more than anything else!

Looking Ahead

On the plus side, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and bought myself the new computer I’ve been lusting over for the past few years! This means that I can at last upgrade my work output both design and writing wise. I had some fun trying to put it together when it arrived, but I’m absolutely loving it now!

With a bit of luck and some major streamlining efforts, I’ll be able to post here with greater regularity and establish my design site more firmly too as I take on more of the work I love to do. I’m also planning to take part in a creative blogger’s challenge over at Gesso – more on that shortly.

I’ll also be posting an update on my July Vocabulary Challenge too, now we’re at the last day of this most sunny of months and the time has come to check in on my own goals.

Enough about me though, How have you been spending the past couple of weeks? I really do love to hear from you so please let me know in the comments below, or you can drop me a tweet over on Twitter!

4 thoughts on “Streamlining”

  1. Definitely sounds like a lot of spinning plates; I think streamlining and prioritising more strictly is a good idea, give yourself the energy and space to deal with things a little easier. Good for productivity as well as your mental state! 🙂
    Caz x

    1. Hey Caz – thanks for your reply! You’re right, my mind just needs some breathing space. I’m already feeling a lot better for just having made the decision to prioritise my work! x

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