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    Jobs For The Girls

    I was talking to Small-Me the other day about life, friends and other generic shizz when she decided to ask me a question about work, or ‘workies’ as she likes to call it. The conversation took a sharp left turn that I really was not expecting. “Mammy, why do grown ups have to go out to do workies?” “Well, because grown ups do jobs for other people and places and in return they get given money, so that they can buy food and pay for things that they need.” “But why do they need to have monies for things?” “Because we can’t just take things without paying for them, that…

  • Rantagram


    In the world of blogging (and online life in general) there are two words that are bandied about almost constantly. Those words are ‘content‘ and ‘niche‘. Content as the new buzzword for ‘stuff you post online’ is a key one. It’s interesting; the shift in awareness from blogs being a place to diarise any old shit that you want to get out of your head to a carefully crafted place to document specific ideas that your audience will want to read. It’s a yardstick for success – how much traffic are you getting? What are your stats? Your content needs to be compelling. Blah, blah, fuckety blah. It’s true of…

  • Reality Bites


    Happy New Year! I told you there was the potential for these posts to get sporadic, didn’t I? Hope your Christmas and New Year were as tolerable as can be expected. But I for one am glad it’s January. Start of a new year and all that shit, but also because it’s my birthday soon. I’m going to try and be positive about it this year, even though the annual reminder of my own mortality does seem less fun as you crawl out of your 20s. Getting older is shit, no doubt about it. The weird thing about crossing the threshold of 30 (and further) is that while you tend…

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