UK Curly Girl Method Instagrams

UK Curly Girl Method Instagrams To Follow

Getting started with the curly girl method is a bit daunting. I’ve talked about how I got started with my curly hair journey previously and made no secret of the learning curve! For me, one of the best (and sometimes worst) places to find UK curly girl method inspiration is on Instagram.

I have a real love/hate relationship with Instagram, but for certain things, it can be an information goldmine. The curly girl method is one of them. However, it’s so easy to get sucked into the idea of perfection on there; you have to be careful.

Like everything else in this saturated social media world we live in, you need to find the hidden gems of the curly girl method world. So today I’m sharing some of my favourite UK curly girl method Instagrams that I think you should follow.

This post isn’t endorsed or sponsored by any of these people, in particular, I just genuinely rate their work. Also, I’ve tried to include a variety of curly hair types, so that hopefully you can find one that’s similar to your own.

Anyway, on with the list!

Update: I’ve had to convert all these lovely visual Instagram posts into links because WordPress and Instagram don’t like each other anymore. Shame. Anyhow, although it doesn’t look that pretty anymore, you can just click the links to check out the recommendations.

My Favourite UK Curly Girl Method Instagrams


I have to start this off with Gabriella. She’s the main person who first inspired me to get started on the curly hair journey, and the first port of call I always make when I’m stuck with my hair. I love how honest she is about it as well, so definitely check her out on Instagram.


I love Hannah’s hair, it’s quite similar to mine (although in a lot better shape) and she keeps my dream of having longer curly hair alive!


I cannot stress enough how strong my hair envy is when it comes to Toni. Her curls are unreal. Also, what I love about her Instagram is that she shows you the warts and all side of styling and maintaining curly hair in between washes. Definitely check her out.


Probably one of the most difficult things about following the UK curly girl method is finding a hairdresser who knows about it. Bravecurls is a salon based in Angus in Scotland. It’s also one of the only dedicated curly girl method hairdresser accounts I’ve seen on Instagram.


Leal has amazing hair and is a great source of information for girls whose hair falls into the 3C type of curl pattern (don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of that soon enough). Definitely check out her Instagram for inspiration if your hair is similar!


I love how informative and helpful Carlene’s posts are and she always has great recommendations for fellow UK curly girls too! Check her out if you’re looking for a bit of everyday inspiration.


I’ve only recently discovered Marisa’s Instagram but I love how helpful it is and how she also posts a range of how-to videos when it comes to styling and even cutting your own curls!

Instagram Isn’t Reality

So there you go, seven of the best (in my eyes) UK curly girl method Instagrams that will help you on your own hair journey. But I want to remind you that it’s not an overnight process and also, Instagram isn’t reality.

It’s very easy to become disheartened with the curly girl method, especially when you see such perfect styles on social media. I’ve chosen these accounts because I feel like they’re among the most authentic out there. It’s really important to see the whole picture with the curly girl method, and I think these ladies do that really well.

As always, if you’ve got any questions about getting started with it, feel free to leave them in the comments or you can catch up with me over on Twitter or on my own Instagram page. If you’ve found this post helpful, please do give it a share too! You might also enjoy this post on curly girl method products for beginners too.

UK Curly Girl Method Instagrams

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