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    Paranoia, And How To Handle It

    Do you suffer from paranoia? I’ve never really been a paranoid person at all. For starters, I don’t think I’m that interesting to especially warrant anyone else’s attention, but lately things have started to change. I’ve always been quite cautious about my personal information, and have only ever given away things about myself that I’m comfortable with others knowing. Or so I thought. Last week, a friend of mine who works in intelligence was enlightening me on just how easy it is to find out information about people online. I felt like I knew about this already, and was fairly savvy about keeping my personal information private. Let me tell…

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    How Not To Win Friends Or Influence People, Vol. 1

    Towards the end of last year my eyes were rather unceremoniously blinded by the sight of something no one really needs to see. Over various social media channels of mine, I began to receive messages from people I didn’t know. More specifically, men I don’t know. Now, this isn’t news, it happens to lots of people. Unsolicited messages, tweets and the like are bound to happen when you have a profile in the public domain. However what was new to me was the content of these messages. I’ve been fortunate so far to mostly avoid the whole dick pic phenomenon. I say phenomenon like it’s something to marvel at, but…

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    Man! I Feel Like A Woman

    Allow me to take your mind back to the glory days of 1997. Man! I Feel Like A Woman thrust a singer named Shania Twain into our collective conscious and told us that we were all letting our hair down, basically. It’s an absolute banger, but still holds a massively topical message. The late 90’s were all about Girl Power in its most rudimentary form. We’re still talking about it now, but in entirely different, much more serious terms. Man! I Feel Like A Woman tells the same story in much lighter terms, and so seems like a good place to start this conversation. Because it is a conversation. No…

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    Fashion For The Skint Bird

    Fashion. DARLING. No, me neither. However, we do all have to wear clothes, and for those of you like me who really can’t be arsed to make that kind of effort post-kids, this one’s for us. Secretly, I still want to look half decent. Fact of the matter is though, my days of being half decent evaporated about 15 years back. Times have changed, as has fashion (for the better and worse, to be honest) and so it’s time to take a look into how to survive the trauma of 30’s motherhood without looking like a tramp’s pillowcase. The other side of the coin is the indignity that is actually…

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    Jobs For The Girls

    I was talking to Small-Me the other day about life, friends and other generic shizz when she decided to ask me a question about work, or ‘workies’ as she likes to call it. The conversation took a sharp left turn that I really was not expecting. “Mammy, why do grown ups have to go out to do workies?” “Well, because grown ups do jobs for other people and places and in return they get given money, so that they can buy food and pay for things that they need.” “But why do they need to have monies for things?” “Because we can’t just take things without paying for them, that…

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