Six Black Friday Deals That Writers Will Love

Black Friday Deals

Today marks the start of Black Friday week, a bargain-based extravaganza that brings an insane level of deals to value shoppers and bargain hunters everywhere. Ironically, Black Friday itself isn’t actually until next Friday, the 23rd, but thanks to Amazon and other retailers, the one-off event we’ve inherited from our American cousins is now a week long thing.

A full week of Black Friday deals. I know.

Now as you know, I love a bargain. The thrifting life is what I’m all about, so I decided to do a bit of a round up of a few Black Friday deals that I think the writers amongst us will find particularly appealing.

The thing about deal days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that it can actually be quite overwhelming to sift through all the offers that are thrust at you. Sometimes, you can miss out on some incredible bargains because of the sheer volume of discounts on the table.

So I’ve narrowed down the options a little and focused on the deals that will probably be great value for writers and bloggers. Here are six offers that you should snap up, fast!

Victure Digital Voice Recorder, 8GB – £16.79

This is a great deal if you’re a writer who likes to dictate and then type up your work later. It might be old school to some, but this is a handy little piece of kit to have if an idea hits you while your’re out and about and you’ve nowhere to jot it down. Also, one of these can be really useful for interviewing people when researching a topic or idea for a new blog post, and looks a bit more professional than just using your phone.

Hardcover Bullet Journal With Dividers – £9.99

A solid, high-quality notebook for your bullet journal is a treat that you deserve! Grab yourself this one quickly for under a tenner and start planning your writing goals out for 2019 now.

Kindle Paperwhite – £89.99

Admittedly, this is a bit more of a spend than I’d probably make, but this has £30 knocked off its usual price. Personally, I’m a huge fan of reading an actual paperback book and have never really tried the whole e-reader thing, but if that’s your preference then this is a great offer.

WD 2TB External Hard Drive – £54.99

Again, a bigger spend, but compared to the normal price of these things, this is an absolute steal. An external hard drive is one of those things you usually don’t realise you need until it’s too late, but believe me there’s nothing worse than having your computer meltdown and realising you haven’t actually got a backup of any of your work. That’s why you need an external hard drive to keep a copy of all your valuable work on.

Universal Bluetooth Keyboard – £9.99

OK, this one isn’t strictly a Black Friday deal, but it’s still a total bargain and a very useful bit of kit to have. If you like to work on an iPad, for example, this is the best kind of accessory to help keep your productivity up without tiring your fingers on the screen of your device. It’s Bluetooth and battery powered so will work with most compatible devices.

Travel Tripod – £16.14

This is a really useful piece of equipment to have if you’re a blogger or vlogger. It’s flexible, robust and can be used with cameras and smart devices. It’s not a full sized tripod, but at this price, you might as well try it out!

So there you have it, six Black Friday deals that writers will find usefu. I’m sure as the week goes on there’ll be even more incredible bargains popping up that are too good to miss out on, so I’ll do another post towards the big day itself if I spot any more.

What’d be on your Black Friday wish list? let me know in the comments or you can drop me a tweet over on Twitter.

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