ide hustles to boost your bank balance

Side Hustles To Boost Your Bank Balance

It can be difficult to find ways to keep your cash flow healthy when you’re a freelancer. Even if you’re not, times are tough, financially speaking, and it’s more important than ever to find ways to earn. In this post, I’m going to share some of my favourite side hustles to boost your bank balance. I know that without some of these, I’d have really struggled to stay afloat these last few years.

These little income boosters can help to supplement your income, especially if you’re self-employed. Freelance life, in particular, can cause unexpected dips in cash flow. So it’s never a bad idea to have a few sideline gigs on the go to help you stay in the black. This post contains some affiliate links to services and ways you can boost your bank balance.

You’ll need to account for any earnings made via your side hustles in the same way as your main freelance work. Believe me, it really does help to keep track of every penny you earn.

Regardless of how you made it, if you’re making money, you need to be recording it somehow. It just helps to keep things transparent and accountable when it comes to doing those tax returns!

I use a paper notebook as well as my accounting software. It just helps me to keep a mental tally of what I’ve done work-wise each month. I include any income made from my side hustles too, such as website reviewing or paid surveys. Keeping track of your income and outgoings is a key part of earning from home!

Side hustles to boost your bank balance

There are lots of different ways you can give your bank balance a bit of a boost, but these are a few of my favourites. It can be hard finding side hustles like this which actually pay well, but these ones have been good for me so far!

One of the best ways to keep things ticking over is to set up some streams of passive income. Where possible, you can always have these to fall back on when the well-paid jobs dry up from time to time.

If you’re creative, this could be something like selling designs on merchandise or a subscription service for your content. One of my main passive income streams is through my greeting card brand on Thortful. Something like that can help me tap into a few extra pounds each month without realising!

Let’s look at some side hustles to boost your bank balance. Some people make a lot of side income by using these services. The key with it is to be consistent and remember to make your side hustles work for you.

ide hustles to boost your bank balance

Content creation on Fiverr

I’ve touched upon this before but Fiverr isn’t just limited to freelance writing. If you know how to create an Instagram post, design graphics, teach a class or have any other kind of marketable skill, get it on Fiverr!

You’d be amazed at what clients will actually pay for. You might have a skill that you totally take for granted, such as creating tweets or touching up photographs. You can even post relationship advice, which I was really surprised by! Have a look and see where you might be able to boost your bank balance with the skills you already have.

Website reviewing

Usertesting is a great website where you can get paid in cash to evaluate websites and apps. You’ll need to record your voice as you work through the evaluation questions. This is pretty easy though as there’s a browser extension you can use to do so.

Once you’ve given your feedback on the given website, it’ll be uploaded and you’ll be paid at least $10 per site. Sometimes there’ll be opportunities for higher-paid evaluations too! The good thing about this site is that there are daily opportunities, so some days you can earn yourself a lot of spare cash!

Another easy moneymaker is a site called TestingTime. These are another higher-paying testing site but their invites can be a tad infrequent. If you fit the criteria though, you can earn some cash really quickly!

Research surveys

I highly recommend signing up to Respondent to take part in some very well-paid research surveys. There’ve been times where this service has helped me stay in the black! These surveys are sometimes done via video call, so as long as you’re not bothered about actually talking to another human being over Skype or Zoom, you’ll be well compensated for it. I’ve seen some of these studies pay up to $350, for example.

Prolific Academic is another great site for racking up some quick survey cash. The research conducted here is normally from university researchers and is a very quick earner. This one is more of a slow burner, but you can get your pot up to double figures quite quickly with some daily surveys.

Free stocks and shares

Although it sounds intimidating, you can generate some free money from stocks and shares with a service like Freetrade. You can sign up to receive a mystery share when you sign up with my invitation below. It could be anything up to £200!

Once you’ve signed up yourself you’ll be able to invite friends too. Then when they sign up, you both receive a free share, so it’s win-win! Don’t expect megabucks straightaway, but you’ll see a small pot of cash begin to grow over time.

Earn free cryptocurrency with Coinbase

ide hustles to boost your bank balance

Cryptocurrency is something that a lot of people shy away from because they don’t understand it. I don’t really, either, but I do know you can get a fair bit of it for free with Coinbase. It’s really easy to sign up, watch the introductory videos and learn about cryptocurrencies and how they work.

Plus, as an incentive for learning, you’ll receive free crypto for every short video you watch. Before you know it, you’ll have a small portfolio of cryptocurrency that you’ll be able to convert to real-use cash should you want to.

Other ideas for side hustles

These are just a few of my old reliables. There are lots of other ways you can set up passive income streams. These could be things like mystery shopping, transcription or data entry jobs from home, for example. Chances are, if you’ve got a skill or you’re willing to learn, there’s a way to monetise that in the digital world.

The key thing to remember is to keep your streams of additional income healthy. Keep your hand in with the surveys, stay on top of your smaller pots of cash. As a freelancer, you never know when you might need them.

What are your top tips for boosting your bank balance? Let me know in the comments or as always, you can catch up with me over on Twitter or Facebook.

If you’ve found this post useful then please do give it a share, or pin it onto your Pinterest boards for when you’re stuck in a cash flow pinch!

side hustles to boost your bank balance

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  1. A gift card brand on Thortful, that’s so damn cool! And I love your pretty/insulting designs. “Saxophone of piss”, perfect, definitely agree with that!

    I have a Fiverr account but have never used it to advertise my ‘skills’ partly because I felt I didn’t really have anything to offer. But relationship advice? That I can do 😉 Never knew that was a ‘thing’ on there.

    Fantastic round-up, makes for a brilliant hustle resource.

    1. I know right?! I had no idea it was a thing either! Still, if there’s a skill there, chances are there’s a way to monetise it lol xx

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