Series: #ShitOrLegit?

Time to unleash my guest blog series: #ShitOrLegit?

A bit like Deal or No Deal (except with zero input from that bearded creep Edmonds, or, unfortunately, an anonymous financial backer), #ShitOrLegit will examine those fascinating phenomena that both impress and disappoint us all in equal measure.
All you’ve got to do is consider some topics of interest/annoyance and ask yourself the following question… shit or legit?
For example:
  • Elf on a Shelf – #ShitOrLegit?
  • LinkedIn – #ShitOrLegit?
  • Mrs Brown’s Boys – #ShitOrLegit?
  • Online Spiritualists – #ShitOrLegit?
  • Apple’s pricing strategy – #ShitOrLegit?
  • Michael MacIntyre – #ShitOrLegit?
  • Chinese Buffet vs Chinese Takeaway – #ShitOrLegit?
Want to contribute? Of course you do, you’re fucking awesome. Here’s how to get involved:
Hop onto your emails and fire me your best efforts over at actual.ar@gmail.com
Crank up your Twittercopter and tweet me @ar_mu using the hashtag #shitorlegit for quickfire commentary and I’ll add it to the compilation.
All topics and posts are welcome, but if you do send in something that’s massively offensive (or a load of shite) then I reserve the right to tell ya as much and not include it in the series. Seems legit.
(For what it’s worth, my answers on the above are as follows: shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, legit.)


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