pop culture t-shirts to update your wardrobe

Pop Culture T-Shirts To Update Your Wardrobe

I don’t know about you but my wardrobe is in dire need of updating. Part of it has been due to lockdown, but a large part of it is down to the fact I’m a thrifty sort who hasn’t bought any new clothes in about five years. Sound familiar? If so, you have my sympathy. It’s no fun feeling like a scruff all the time, even if you are saving yourself some pennies in the process! In this post, I’m going to look at some pop culture t-shirts to update your wardrobe! God knows I need to.

This post will contain some affiliate links to the t-shirts I think you’ll like.

T-shirts are probably one of the easiest ways to upcycle an older outfit. Old jeans, new t-shirt. Older joggers, new t-shirt. Miniskirt you’ve had knocking about since 2012, new t-shirt. It might seem daft, but freshening up your t-shirt collection can really make a difference to some of your old faithful favourites.

But what kind of t-shirts actually look good and aren’t a total waste of money? Fast fashion is a huge problem. Environmental corners are often cut in the quest for fashion retailers to make a profit. It’s important to choose items of clothing you’ll get a decent amount of wear from. However it’s equally important to read up about how and where your clothing is made. We’ve all got to try and do our bit for the planet!

So, while it might be ‘cheaper’ to head down to the high street and pick up five or six t-shirts in your local clothing megastore, it’s not necessarily better in the long run. Cheaper products are often the result of this corner-cutting, resulting in poorly constructed fabrics, cheap and toxic textile dyes that don’t last and pollute the environment and ultimately, t-shirts that shrink after the first wash. Sound familiar?

Ok, with a mental note made to do a deep dive into fast fashion in another post, let’s have a look at some pop culture t-shirts that you can update your wardrobe with, without wasting what you currently have.

Pop culture t-shirts to update your wardrobe

I prefer to buy men’s or unisex t-shirts when looking for new tops. This is mainly just personal preference of course, but I feel like you get more material, more comfort and a bit more value for money with a slightly oversized fit. Check out some of these t-shirts for some inspiration on how you can update your look without breaking the bank.

As mentioned, some of these are ‘men’s’ t-shirts, but I prefer to think of them as being unisex. Let’s face it, the more material you’re getting for your money, the better. Anyway, on with the options!

Gaming themed t-shirts

Xbox Controller T-Shirt – £14.99
Japanese Playstation Logo T-Shirt – £13.49
Fallout Nuka-World T-Shirt – £13.99
Zelda Triforce T-Shirt – £14.99
Fallout 76 Oil-Washed T-Shirt – £17.99
Xbox Button Dot T-Shirt – £17.99

TV and movie-inspired t-shirts

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Viserion T-Shirt – £16.99
Back To The Future Movie T-Shirt – £14.99
Beetlejuice T-Shirt – £14.99
Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas The Many Faces Of Jack T-Shirt – £14.99
Marvel’s Avengers Stark Industries T-Shirt – £14.99
Moomin T-Shirt – £10.49

Band and musician-inspired t-shirts

Amy Winehouse Back To Black T-Shirt – £12.99
Guns ‘N’ Roses Classic Logo T-Shirt – £12.49
Queen Classic Blue Crest T-Shirt – £13.99
Prince For You T-Shirt – £12.99
AC/DC Crop T-Shirt – £8.99

What are your favourite kind of pop culture t-shirts?

Personally I love a band or musician-inspired tee, but I’m loving the range of gaming t-shirts there are now! You can find some great bargains in the sale sections of gaming stores. Especially if you don’t mind shopping in the men’s section. I really like a looser-fitting tee, so I often find men’s tops much more comfortable. Tucked into a skirt or matched with a pair of jeans, you can’t go wrong.

Do you like pop culture t-shirts? I could’ve listed so many here but I thought some tasters would be a good place to start! These are just a few tops to help you get some ideas for ways to update your wardrobe. T-shirts really are a staple of all outfite in my opinion, so mix it up a bit with your designs!

My new T-shirt store

I almost forgot, but I’ve recently launched my own line of T-shirts over in my new Merch Store. You can check them out and see if there are any designs you like the look of, and if you make a purchase it’ll help support me to keep creating.

As always, you can catch up with me over on Twitter or Instagram, and if you’ve enjoyed this first browse through The Wardrobe, keep your eyes peeled for a few more fashion-based posts from me soon!

2 thoughts on “Pop Culture T-Shirts To Update Your Wardrobe”

  1. Ooooo SO many here I want, stat! Moon, GOT, BTTF, Nightmare Before Christmas. Yessssss. I used to own Guns N’ Roses & AC/DC tees when I was younger, I wouldn’t mind feeling youthful & cool again 😆 I’ve got some awesome Alice in Wonderland tees but it’s too cold, or at least I’m always too cold, even with a top underneath. I agree with you on not necessarily going cheap and cheerful too, especially with print tees as the print can look awful and wash poorly, meaning you’ll only get a couple of wears before it’s falling apart. You’ve got me wanting to add to my tee collection. Now I just need to move somewhere warm so I don’t have to cover the tees in 5 jumpers every day! xx

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