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Operation Declutter

I’m decluttering. Properly. I’m writing this post after week one of what I’m calling ‘Operation Declutter’. Those of you who know the real me will know that this isn’t something I’m doing lightly. Stuff has become a real problem in my life. I realised, since coming back from Spain the other week, that the amount of accumulated shit in my home has now reached ridiculous levels and just really needs to be sorted out.

This isn’t an easy thing for me to do. I’ve been in my house for four years and somehow, this state of insanity around clutter and stuff has just crept up out of nowhere. I’ve been so busy working and looking after Small-Me that I somehow just haven’t noticed my sudden status as one of those bints from Hoarders. Like honestly, I don’t know how I’ve not been discovered under a mountain of books, clothes and shoes, half-eaten by feral foxes.

I jest, but it was bad. If you’ve been following along with my Instagram story on Operation Declutter, you’ll know I’m being serious. Four years worth of clothes and bags and shoes and shit I’ve just not even looked at, piled into attic cupboards. It actually stunned me how much shit there was. A day of brutal pulling out and bagging up later, and I’d made a bit of a dent in it.

The hardest bit was Small-Me’s baby clothes. I felt bad putting them into charity bags, as if I was somehow showing that I didn’t care about her by giving her things away. But my good friend Lauren, who thankfully helped me to tackle the decluttering, reassured me that actually, it was just stuff – it didn’t mean that I didn’t care about my daughter, but that I could help some other children who may not have clothes or toys of their own.

That really made me think. It also made me feel better. Small-Me is four; she doesn’t need her baby clothes. There are families and kids all over the UK who haven’t got a penny to scratch their arse with, and here’s me hanging onto clothes my kid can’t even wear because I’m a sentimental knob with unknown hoarding tendencies. So with that in my head, I bagged almost everything, and on Tuesday, it went to charity.

I’m writing this on Wednesday…and I’m about to go and tackle the attic rooms again, but I do feel a sense of strange relief to have bitten the bullet and made room for future things, instead of clinging onto the past. Clutter is part of my DNA – I’ll explain why in a future post, but I swore to myself that I’d never end up that way, surrounded by crap that never gets used. I didn’t want my child to grow up in a museum of stuff, and although it upset me to realise that had started to happen, I’m glad I’ve taken the first steps to rectify the situation.

Anyway, I’m off to the attic, but check out my Instagram story to see it for yourself, and if you’ve had any issues with clutter, hoarding or letting go of things, please offer me your advice in the comments below. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s struggled with this (at least I bloody hope not), so any tips on getting rid, decluttering and reorganising your home would be much appreciated!


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