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I’m meant to be heading to Spain in March for one of my good friends’ weddings. I’m excited, but only because I haven’t left the UK in over four years. The last holiday I had was to the awesome island of Ibiza, one of my favourite places in the whole world…and on return I realised I was going to have a small person, and things were never quite the same again.
So in preparation for the first trip abroad in too long, I’m taking a look back at my favourite Balearic island and why I love it there so much. If you haven’t been yet, you need to go. Seriously.


Look at it man

It’s not all about raving and getting mortal

Don’t get me wrong, a large chunk of Ibiza life is about the long summer of partying and dance. I’ve been to the island twice; once during the summer season when everything is insane and awesome, and once during the quiet season when everything is peaceful and awesome. Both are brilliant experiences in their own way.
One of the things you really do need to consider if you’re planning a sesh during the summer season is that it is insanely hot. Like, humid as fuck, stuck to your own bed kind of hot. I’d recommend going either early July or maybe even early September. I went with my best mate in the August one year, and it was frigging scorchio. I mean, I’m pale and ginger, so I knew it was gonna be hot, but the humidity was something I didn’t bargain on.
That said, it’s an amazing time to be there and see all the wild, colourful and exciting sights. The atmosphere in the streets is palpable and the chilled out, friendly vibe of all those who flock there is something else. The nightlife is amazing, as you’d expect, but a word of warning – if you’re thinking of paying a visit to one of the world famous clubs, make sure you’ve stocked up on your euros, because those fuckers aren’t cheap. We went to Manumission (for one of the weirdest and most fun evenings I’ve ever witnessed) one night, and it pretty much cleared us both out.


Chilled out days and party nights are the thing for a summer trip to Ibiza. If you go in the calmer months of the year, the whole island is more relaxed. It’s gorgeous – beautiful beaches and laid back adventures around the island. Hire a car and you can totally visit all the best bits over the course of your stay. Ibiza Town is lush – slick boutiques selling quirky raver clothes, jewellery stores and hippy-boho wear aplenty.
I came back with harem pants, a floating tunic dress and a headscarf. Christ knows how I didn’t end up with dreadlocks and a tattoo. The place is that cool you can’t help but get sucked into the feel of the place. Needless to say the harem pants are in a drawer upstairs somewhere now but man those things are comfy. Screw you, English weather.

Food & Accommodation

Spanish food is my fave in general. I think I spent almost the entirety of my last trip to Ibiza balls-deep in jars of olives and rolling around in tortilla. Should have really guessed I was pregnant at that point, but nope, I just thought I was being a greedy bastard as per.
Disco ball in the garden, because Ibiza.
I’d totally recommend renting a villa or holiday home over there, especially if you’re going to hire a car as well. It just makes so much more sense to be able to come and go as you please, and most of the villas you can rent over there have WiFi and Sky TV, so you don’t even have to miss out on your soaps.
That’s possibly the most middle aged sentence I’ve ever said. Fuck me.

Get yourself there

Basically, its one of my favourite places to go, and I’m a choosy bastard. If you’re thinking about booking somewhere up now, give it a look – it’s great for families and isn’t just all wild nights and loud noise at all. There are loads of other parts to the island that you can discover, and I’m saving up for my next trip there already. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can get back to Ibiza again – turns out sunshine makes everything better.

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