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Happy New Year!
I told you there was the potential for these posts to get sporadic, didn’t I? Hope your Christmas and New Year were as tolerable as can be expected. But I for one am glad it’s January. Start of a new year and all that shit, but also because it’s my birthday soon. I’m going to try and be positive about it this year, even though the annual reminder of my own mortality does seem less fun as you crawl out of your 20s.
Getting older is shit, no doubt about it. The weird thing about crossing the threshold of 30 (and further) is that while you tend to give less fucks on the outside, the visible exterior starts to betray you in ways you weren’t anticipating. I know I talked about this a bit in Vanity, so I won’t harp on about it too much now, but this is soon to be my 34th year on this earth (fuck me) and so I often find January a good month to make a Stop-Start list.
I more than likely won’t stick to it, but I can try.
This year, things I will STOP:


  • saying yes to everything
  • making up a shit reason why I don’t want to do something, and just say that I don’t want to instead
  • thinking I have to do it all, now
  • giving myself shit about everything I do
  • taking the easy way out of things
This year, things I will START:
  • going to bed at 10pm (yes you will, don’t you fucking dare try and deviate from this)
  • being more aggressive on the pitch, less aggressive to myself
  • drawing more often
  • writing more often
  • taking action on the decisions I make
  • being kinder to my brain and body
  • having a tech-free day at least once a month
Oooooh. I have no idea if I can do all of those things but if I can do some then it’s a start. I think Stop-Start lists are a bit more realistic than New Year’s resolutions. They’re a bit more action-orientated and I think I’ll be more likely to achieve at least one or two.
Or most likely is that I’ll do none of those things and continue being the same whinging bint I’ve always been. What can ya do, eh?
What have you got on your lists for this year?
P.S. I’m aware that this is a shite post, but i’m getting my writing mojo back after the break, so cut me some slack eh?

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