How Conveyancing Can Smooth The Home-Buying Process

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If you’re buying a home, especially for the first time, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of owning your own place. Sometimes though, this excitement can lead people to overlook the finer details of the home-buying process. Conveyancing is one of these crucial details. In this post, I’m going to be looking at how conveyancing can smooth the home-buying process and why it’s important to get a good deal on it.

One of the best ways to improve your home in the first place is to make sure the one you buy is right for you! Conveyancing is a vital process that will ensure you do just that.

But what is conveyancing and why is it such an important part of the home-buying process?

Conveyancing explained

In a nutshell, conveyancing is the process whereby the legal title of a property is transferred from one homeowner to the next. Typically, this process has two phases that are more commonly understood; exchange of contracts and completion. During the conveyancing process, the prospective buyer must ensure that the rights and title of the property and the land it sits on are transferred to them legally, in writing.

Without proper conveyancing, you cannot legally buy or sell a property, so it needs to be done correctly. As an essential (but complex) part of the home-buying process, it’s usually a wise idea to hire a specialist conveyancing solicitor to help you out. But everyone knows that solicitors can be expensive, and if you’re buying your first home, every penny counts.

So, how can you get the best deal when you need to find a legal expert to help you with your conveyancing?

Finding a good deal on your conveyancing

Your estate agent may recommend that you use their preferred or in-house solicitors for the conveyancing process. This is an option worth considering, however, bear in mind that they will most likely be working on a commission basis from their recommended solicitors, which could end up costing you extra!

The home-buying process can leave you feeling out of your depth at times, but one thing you do have control over is which conveyancing solicitor you wish to instruct to act on your behalf. You can actually find one local to you online using a comparison website!

So many consumers use comparison websites to find the best deals on house insurance and you can now do the same for conveyancing. Find a lender-approved conveyancer local to you, that provides a fixed fee quotation by visiting the Homebuyer Conveyancing website. Unlike most price comparison websites, Homebuyer makes a difference, you can browse the many direct quotes without entering any personal details. That means no spam, no unwanted calls. Try it now on Homebuyer Conveyancing best priced quotes and see if you can make some savings without the hassle.


What do conveyancing solicitors actually do?

Conveyancing solicitors work on your behalf to make sure that all the legal boxes are ticked and all the procedural necessities are covered. You need to make sure that your potential new home has had a thorough and satisfactory property search carried out. This is important because you need to know whether or not your prospective new home is structurally sound and if it’s at risk from flooding, to name a few things.

Your conveyancing solicitor will also ensure that the contracts you’re about to sign are legal, transparent, and have no hidden nasties attached in a clause somewhere. They’ll check what’s included in the sale; things like if any furniture is to be included, what fixtures and fittings will be left and other details you might overlook.

They’ll protect you against any potential fraud during the sale process by acting in your best interests and ensuring the house sale is legal and that you’re getting the best deal for your money. Our conveyancing solicitor helped us to secure three chandeliers, an American-style fridge-freezer and a standalone rolltop bath when we bought our house! They really are worth working with.

Have you used a conveyancing solicitor before?

Let me know what your experiences of the conveyancing process have been! Buying a home is a complicated process, so it’s important to try and find tips and deals wherever possible to ensure a smooth and happy transition into your first property.

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