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Friday Favourites

Ahh, Friday. The day of the week everyone hails as the end of the working grind and the start of the weekend. Fridays don’t really signal that for me as I work pretty much any and all days that I can, but there’s something about that Friday feeling that never quite goes away, thankfully.

So I’ve decided to start a list of Friday Favourites. A bit like #ShitOrLegit, but more generic. These are my favourite things, people, moments etc. from the week gone by. Sometimes it’s hard to pick these things out as my weeks all tend to blur into one, but hopefully Friday Favourites will help me focus on the good bits.

So without further ado, lets dive into my faves from this week!

Favourite New Find: The Mamarchy

So a few pals and me decided to set up our own Facebook group. We named it The Mamarchy and basically its a group for parents to join up and spout off, free of the arseholery that comes naturally to most parenting-based Facebook groups. And let’s be honest, there are a lot of dickheads in those groups. Hopefully The Mamarchy will be an antidote to that. Well it will, because anyone who starts being a twat will get an instant boot up the hoop from yours truly. Want in? Have a search for us on Facebook and join up!

Favourite Reappearance: Hamster McKenzie

The Hamster returns! My favourite little rodent has been absent from his blog for a while, so I was properly buzzing this week to see him return to form. He thinks his blogging is shit, but I think he’s doing canny well for a creature that’s not even half a foot tall and basically sees in greyscale. Go give his latest post a read, it’s rambling genius.

Favourite Noise: Our Rach

My favourite DA (don’t ask) was on the actual radio this week! It was BBC Radio Bristol, so I had to crank up the wireless antenna on me phone and hope it picked up the signal this far north, but still – amazing. Smashing it up left right and centre about the culture of ‘toxic feminism’, slurping a brew mid-broadcast and incredibly, managing not to say fuck or bugger, I was fangirling like a true cheerleader. Give it a listen.

Favourite Sporting Moment: 53-0 WIN!

Yes, you read that correctly. So last weekend my rugby team had a derby game against a local side and we absolutely nailed it, 53-0! And to make things even more awesome, I scored my first try! The first try of the game and my first one ever – I couldn’t believe it. Still can’t to be honest, I never thought it’d happen in a million years. It was an amazing feeling and no word of a lie I was still grinning about it three days later (because I’m a loser, but so fuck). We’ve got a rematch this Sunday, so fingers crossed it goes our way again.

Favourite Song: Africa By Toto

Because Africa. Always. No further explanation necessary.


Favourite Line: Small-Me, 4

“Mammy, why don’t you have a tandem bicycle? It has two seats on it so we can both ride together at the same time”


“Erm, I just don’t have one – how do you know what that is?”

“It was just on Peppa”




So there we have it, a fairly brief list of my Friday Favourites. I’ve probably forgotten some stuff, but in general it’s been quite a positive week. What’s been your favourite thing about the week gone by? Let me know below in the comments, or over on Twitter. You can also get a bit of a deeper look into bits of my daily life by following my Instagram stories too.


  • Our Rach

    I fucking love you. This is such a brilliant idea too. I started something similar last year but my life is so fucking boring I had to give it up after every sentence started with “whilst I was in bed”.

    • Ar

      I know, I’m hoping I don’t run out of steam after a couple of weeks like, I’m a sod for starting things like this and not finishing them 😂

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