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Told you I was going to be inconsistent with this, didn’t I?

Anyhow, it’s Friday, and not just any Friday – it’s Good Friday. I had salmon at teatime and I’m about to eat some salt and pepper prawns from the Chinese so I feel like I’ve done my bit for Christianity today. Which is nice. I’ve also got to ask forgiveness for neglecting this (and basically all other) sections of my blog over the last week or so. As you’ll know, I’ve been massively preoccupied with Operation Declutter, which has taken over my LIFE.

So yeah, sorry about being shit.

Back to the main event and Friday Faves is back with an extended bang as I walk you through some of the highlights from the world according to Ar.

Favourite New Find: RuPaul’s Drag Race

I know, I know, I’m late to the party. But on the recommendation of the lovely Alex over on Twitter, I jumped headfirst into a Netflix binge of this glittery shizzle. Currently three episodes into what I can only describe as The Apprentice with wigs and chicken fillets¬† and I am LOVING it so far.

Favourite Sporting Moment: DCRFU

I took a new leap last week and headed along to the County Training for women’s rugby. I was really apprehensive because its a session where all different women from different teams go along and train together, and I’ve really found my comfort zone with my own team. But still, I pushed myself back out there in order to try and learn some new skills and improve my ability. It was challenging, but really good! It’s a totally new level of rugby and one I’m hoping that’ll help me become a better and more confident player.

Favourite Read: The Money Shed

Ok, so this is a bit of a cheeky one because I actually wrote it, but if you’ve ever wondered if it was possible to make an income as a freelance writer, then give this post a whirl. The answer is yes, in case you were wondering.

Favourite Kindness: The Honest Father’s Fundraiser

My friend Mark is trying to raise some cash in support of a friend who has very recently escaped a life of fear as a victim of domestic violence. She fled through the night with her babies and next to no belongings of her own, to a new city she’s never been to before and is currently hiding in a women’s refuge. Her violent partner had almost strangled her to death.

Mark has set up a short-term fundraiser to help her get onto her feet – please check out his tweet here for a link to the campaign and for more information.

Favourite Song: Africa By Toto

Because Africa. Always. No further explanation necessary.

Favourite Instagram Post: 2 Nerds & A Baby

My mate Eileen lives over in Ireland (cos she’s Irish, not just for the greenery) and this post of hers about the 8th amendment was as interesting as it was terrifying. If you know little about the politics of Ireland then I suggest giving it a read, awareness is key and I’m ashamed to admit I knew embarrassingly little about the situation over there before Eileen and I became pals. Check it out over on her Instagram.

This is a long one, but it’s important. 12 Irish women a day have an abortion. 9 women travel to another country and 3 risk a 14 year prison sentence importing safe but illegal pills. These women could be your sister, your best friend, your girlfriend, your wife, the mother of your children. These women could be rape victims who risk a longer sentence than their rapist if they are convicted, cancer patients who’s chemo has been stopped because they are pregnant, someone who is suicidal at the thought of caring for a child when they aren’t even sure if they can care for themselves. It could be a mother, who has longed for a baby only to be told that they won’t survive more than a few hours, they have to wait for their baby to die, inside them. The 8th amendment is about so much more than abortion, the 8th amendment means that doctors didn’t have to ask my permission before taking a scalpel to my skin when I was in labour. They didn’t have to tell me a thing. Once you get pregnant in Ireland you lose your bodily autonomy. You lose your choice. #repealthe8th

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So there you have it, a delayed but eventual roundup of some of my Friday Faves. Tune in next week (or more likely, the week after), by which time I may have got my shit together enough to write a new list.

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