Here you can view some of my creative writing and narrative design work. This page is currently under development so be sure to check back for new additions. I’m working on a range of narrative projects at the moment but would love to hear from you if you’re looking to hire a writer. If you’d like to discuss working together, please check out this page for more information and how to get in touch.

Narrative Design Work

Below is a selection of some narrative design projects I’ve created, as well as a few documents taken from projects I’m currently working on. You can also have a look at some of the character profiles, dialogue lines and short scenes I’ve written. You’ll also find links to completed playable games here as I build them.

Narrative Design Documents

High-level overview (one-page) pitch documents for some game concepts I’m working on. If you’d like to know more about any of these then please let me know.

Character Profiles

NPC and Main/Playable Character profile documents created for some of the game concepts I’m currently working on as well as the Arcane University mod project (How To Be An Emperor) for Beyond Skyrim.

Dialogue Lines & Short Scenes

Standard and example dialogue lines and short scenes from characters created for game concepts.

NPC Barks

Quest Design Documents

Samples of short quest design documents for some games and the Arcane University mod project I am currently working on.

Interactive Fiction And Visual Novels

Some of my interactive fiction, Twine games and visual novels. I’m working on these at the minute so keep checking back to see the latest updates.

travel, destination, landscape

This bit is still a work in progress…

Creative Writing

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