Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas…In October

I know. This year has been a wild ride. Even though it’s only October, thoughts are ticking towards the return of the dreaded C-word. No, not Coronavirus (God knows we’re all sick of hearing about that). I’m talking about Christmas. As a serial last-minute gift buyer, the thought of getting prepared this early makes me shudder. However, there’s no denying that Christmas this year is going to be very different. In this post, I’m going to start looking at some Christmas gift ideas ahead of schedule. It’s not like there’s much else to do on this rollercoaster of 2020!

This post contains some affiliate links to products I think you’ll like as Christmas gift ideas.

With it looking increasingly likely that Christmas will be a very small, household-only affair, how can we ensure it’s still enjoyable? Personally, I think the restrictions over Christmas could be a good thing. There’ll be less stress over the Christmas Day plans as there’ll only be your own household to think of. You’ll be able to take the day at your own pace entirely! Possibly for the first time in, well, ever.

Also, there’s no reason why you can’t have a virtual Christmas dinner – stick the grandparents on Zoom or Facetime while you’re having yours! I really think we need to look for the positives and be flexible in our approach to the festive season. If not, this Christmas could become intesely depressing and even harder for many of us than it often is.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to work with Samaritans this year, to help promote their online shop. Samaritans, in case you weren’t aware, are a unique charity that is dedicated to suicide prevention, providing support and listening to communities in times of need. They work with anyone going through a difficult time, and they train a network of volunteers to help do the same. Samaritans receive about 15,000 calls for help a day, and they provide an invaluable listening service for all of those people, most of whom are struggling to cope with life. They help to save lives, and at Christmas, their work is even more vital.

To help support their work, I’m encouraging people to buy at least one gift this year from the Samaritans’ online shop. They have a range of items that could make nice stocking fillers as well as a couple of main presents. Let’s take a look at some Christmas gift ideas from Samaritans online.

Christmas gift ideas from Samaritans

christmas gift ideas

Check out this Iconic Samaritans T-Shirt, available in adult and kids sizes. A great buy even if you didn’t want to give it as a Christmas gift. October is mental health month, with World Mental Health Day on October 10th. So this t-shirt is a great way to spread the message of support for each other as fellow humans.

Christmas gift ideas

You know how much I love a notebook or bullet journal, so I’d be over the moon with this Tropical Leaves Notebook! I honestly think notebooks are one of my favourite Christmas gift ideas – they’re just so useful all year round. So if anyone wants to send me one of these I’d be more than happy with that!

Christmas gift ideas

I love the design of this Under The Sea Enamel Mug. I’ve got a feeling Small-Me would love it, so I’ll probably get her one to stick in her stocking. She loves all things sea creatures and mermaids so even if it’s not especially festive, I know she will be happy with it.

Christmas gift ideas

A cool gift for those of us who need something to look forward to is this Gardeneners Skincare and Seeds Gift Tin. I think this would make a great gift idea for anyone who loves to be outdoors in the springtime and might need a bit of a lift over the colder Christmas period.

Christmas gift ideas

One of the year’s must-have items is a face mask, and this is one of my favourite designs. This one is washable and double-layered, so you can protect others and yourself in style. A necessary stocking filler for anyone!

Other Christmas Gift Ideas

I’d strongly encourage you to check out some of the other products on offer in the Samaritans shop. But if you’re looking for some more ideas, why not try one of these as a potential gift?

This FRIENDS/Revolution collaboration looks right up my street. I’ve written a bit about my love for Revolution Beauty before but they always knock it out of the park with the gift sets! Check out their latest range in time for Christmas above.

Christmas gift ideas

While you’re at it, you might want to pick up one of these Revolution Advent Calendars. They’re currently on offer but there are a range of make-up based advent calendars that’ll be a perfect pick-me-up for anyone who might need a bit of cheering up after this year!

If you’re after some bits for the kids then check out some of the T-shirts and other merchandise available at Popgear. They have a range of affordable t-shirts, hoodies and more for kids and adults in a range of niche and novelty themes. There’s also free shipping until the end of October too, so get your orders in quick to make a saving on postage.

If you’re looking for some new training gear or some gifts for him, check out some of the offers at Lovell Rugby. Given that I’ve spent the bulk of this year in hoodies and joggers, it’s probably about time I restocked! If any of your family are the same then you can usually grab some bargains on training gear and other loungewear at Lovell.

Are you planning ahead for Christmas yet?

I know it seems like time has crept up on us (whilst also flying by) this year. But I’m hoping that if I can do a bit of forward planning then Christmas doesn’t have to be a washout.

There are still lots of ways we can enjoy the final part of this year. Even if we do end up back in lockdown or we’re limited to how many people we can spend it with, planning ahead a little could help. Maybe there’s a nice hamper or care package you could put together and send to the people you can’t be with this year? Perhaps getting a charitable gift might help someone who’s isolated over the festive season.

Christmas is what you make of it ultimately. Gifts aren’t everything, but this year, taking a bit of extra time to send something thoughtful might make a bigger difference than ever. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are about planning for Christmas amongst this nightmare of 2020. Let me know in the comments below!

As always you can reach out to me over on Twitter. Please do also check out some of my other posts for ways to boost your budget during the pandemic. These gift ideas won’t pay for themselves!

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