Reality Bites


I made a few. Changes to the blog, changes to a few other things. Hopefully nothing too noticeable to you lot, but I’ve made some changes to the style and layout of my blog, as I’ve decided to try and take it a bit more seriously.

That doesn’t mean I’m getting a niche, fret not. I’ll still be writing about the stuff I want to, but I’ll be making a bit more of an effort to work consistently. And with that comes an effort into style as well. Watch this space.

However, the main event of this post: an update on Ellie, my dog. Last time I posted about how she basically wasn’t doing too well and that she’d spent a fair bit of time at the vets. Without going into the finer points too much, she went back to our local one on Saturday afternoon, and to be honest it wasn’t a great experience. The bloke (who was new, never seen him before) took one look at her age and pretty much said ‘this is just what happens when dogs get old’.


He gave her some vitamins and some Tramadol (because drugging up animals is always the way, right?) and sent us on our way, after saying an MRI scan was pretty much pointless. I cried like fuck all the way home. Like, I was seriously upset and thought she would be gone in days.

However…Ellie seems to actually be picking up. She’s not been sick again at all and her balance and coordination seems to be slowly coming back. She’s not 100% but no way is she as close to death’s door as that fucking bellend made me think at the weekend.

She’s eating like she normally would, drinking again, and today she went on a little walk for the first time since it happened and she managed fine. You have no idea how happy I am about this, frankly. I’m not sure she’s out of the woods completely as her legs are still quite wobbly, but my girl definitely isn’t ready for the nacker’s yard just yet.

Fucking vet. Bedside manner of a block of concrete. It’s alright having the skills to fix animals but you’re meant to actually try and use them, you know?

I’m still keeping a close eye on her, but keeping everything crossed that whatever happened to her on Friday night was a minor blip and she still has a few doggy years left with us yet.

A big thank you to everyone who saw my Instagram story about this at the weekend and messaged me with their stories and support, it really helped after seeing that knobhead tell me that she was basically on her way out.

Normal service to resume shortly, as I’ve got a shitload of new things to write about!


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