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Why It’s So Difficult To Save Money In Your 30’s

Saving is hard, especially as you get older and there are more responsibilities thrust your way. If you’re not quite into the Thirtyhood yet, worry not, as today I’m bringing you some expert knowledge in the form of Jon from The Money Shed – the UK’s largest community website dedicated to earning money from home! Read …

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Thrifting Ain’t Easy – Simple Money-Saving Hacks

  Thrifting. Who doesn’t need to know about the subtle art of thrifting, really? I know I do. You don’t need me to tell you about the pinch most of us are feeling nowadays. Money’s tighter than Mick Hucknall ever dared to mention, especially if, like me, you’re on the self-employed end of the spectrum. …

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  My love affair with Spain will never end. Most people think of Spain and they immediately think about tourist-filled beaches and expat nightmares. Well, that’s certainly true of some areas, but for me, my Spanish heart lies in two areas; Andalusia and Madrid. I need to explain more about the Spanish capital, because it’s …

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NE 2 Ibiza

  I’m meant to be heading out to Spain in March for one of my good friends’ weddings. I’m really excited about this, not just because I get to see her get married, but also because I haven’t actually left the UK in over four years. The last holiday I had was to the incredible …

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Niche – And Why You Don’t Need One

In the world of blogs (and online life in general), there are two words that are bandied about almost constantly. Those words are ‘content‘ and ‘niche‘. Content as the main buzzword for ‘stuff you post online’ is a key one. It’s interesting; the shift in awareness from blogs no longer being a place to diarise …

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