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    Operation Declutter

    I’m decluttering. Properly. I’m writing this post after week one of what I’m calling ‘Operation Declutter’. Those of you who know the real me will know that this isn’t something I’m doing lightly. Stuff has become a real problem in my life. I realised, since coming back from Spain the other week, that the amount of accumulated shit in my home has now reached ridiculous levels and just really needs to be sorted out. This isn’t an easy thing for me to do. I’ve been in my house for four years and somehow, this state of insanity around clutter and stuff has just crept up out of nowhere. I’ve been…

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    How Not To Win Friends Or Influence People, Vol. 1

    Towards the end of last year my eyes were rather unceremoniously blinded by the sight of something no one really needs to see. Over various social media channels of mine, I began to receive messages from people I didn’t know. More specifically, men I don’t know. Now, this isn’t news, it happens to lots of people. Unsolicited messages, tweets and the like are bound to happen when you have a profile in the public domain. However what was new to me was the content of these messages. I’ve been fortunate so far to mostly avoid the whole dick pic phenomenon. I say phenomenon like it’s something to marvel at, but…

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    Friday Favourites

    Ahh, Friday. The day of the week everyone hails as the end of the working grind and the start of the weekend. Fridays don’t really signal that for me as I work pretty much any and all days that I can, but there’s something about that Friday feeling that never quite goes away, thankfully. So I’ve decided to start a list of Friday Favourites. A bit like #ShitOrLegit, but more generic. These are my favourite things, people, moments etc. from the week gone by. Sometimes it’s hard to pick these things out as my weeks all tend to blur into one, but hopefully Friday Favourites will help me focus on…

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    Rugby For Fannies – A Beginner’s Guide

    Last year I started a journey into a brave new world. A brave, new and very muddy world. The world of women’s rugby. I wrote about it last year in a piece for Huffpost – and things went a bit nuts off the back of it. Without rehashing old content though, I wanted to touch on it a bit more for the women who’ve asked me about it all since then. Especially the ones who still believe that they couldn’t do it. I honestly believed that too. Sometimes, I still do. But rugby is a sport that has a lot to offer women, and it also provides you with a…

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    Man! I Feel Like A Woman

    Allow me to take your mind back to the glory days of 1997. Man! I Feel Like A Woman thrust a singer named Shania Twain into our collective conscious and told us that we were all letting our hair down, basically. It’s an absolute banger, but still holds a massively topical message. The late 90’s were all about Girl Power in its most rudimentary form. We’re still talking about it now, but in entirely different, much more serious terms. Man! I Feel Like A Woman tells the same story in much lighter terms, and so seems like a good place to start this conversation. Because it is a conversation. No…

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