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    Why It’s So Difficult To Save Money In Your 30’s

    Saving is hard, especially as you get older and there are more responsibilities thrust your way. If you’re not quite into the Thirtyhood yet, worry not, as today I’m bringing you some expert knowledge in the form of Jon from The Money Shed – the UK’s largest community website dedicated to earning money from home! Read on for a guide to all things saving and spending… The Difficulty Of Saving Money In Your 30’s Your 20’s are a time in your life where you can afford to be a bit more reckless with your money. You generally have more disposable income which means you don’t have to budget as much. But…

  • Lifestyle,  Thrifting

    Thrifting Ain’t Easy

    Thrifting. Who doesn’t need to know about the subtle art of thrifting, really? I know I do. It’s what I like to call ‘being tighter than a nun’s box but not being a misery’. You don’t need me to tell you about the pinch most of us are feeling nowadays. Money’s tighter than Mick Hucknall ever dared mention, especially if, like me, you’re on the self-employed end of the spectrum. But fear not, today I’m going to be banging on about how I manage to survive on little to no income, and hopefully you’ll be able to share your own thrifting tips in the comments too. I’m going to dedicate…

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