The Attic

The Attic

The flecks of dust began to gleam in the morning light. Laura glanced across at the moth-eaten sheets that draped across the old wooden bed frame. No one could have been up the stairs of the attic in at least ten years, she thought to herself.  Laura and her boyfriend Mark had just moved into …

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  Frustration eating away, never ceasing to amaze and cripple the dreams of my tired spirit.   Capable yet bound by the chains of frustration, weighing heavily across my weakened shoulders. “I’ll never set the world on fire,” I heard myself tell someone.   That’s frustration talking. It knows there’s so much more that I …

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The Shadow

The Shadow

  He wasn’t afraid of his own shadow anymore. He was the shadow. The darkness of night, seeped into one cadaverous shade that clung to him like a leech. For the longest time he’d tried to escape it. The face he presented to the world betrayed no sign of its dark tendrils, clutching away at …

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Potential   She had so much of it, potential, a word of potency power capacity quality.   She had too much of it potential, an energy of mass destruction to her own psyche.   She felt the weight of it, potential, expectation acceleration towards that which she could never amount to.   She wanted to …

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Connection   When did our internet connection become more important than our human connection?   If a Snapchat is now more valuable than a handshake, a hug, a smile, what happens when we try to interact?   Connection is more than filters and flatlays stories and snaps status updates apropos of nothing.   To live …

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Once   Upon a time we told each other the truth. What was that like? Do you even remember? Once when we were together always and forever? Once upon a time we told each other the truth. And now what?      

The Sky

Years of study, months and weeks of practical training, countless minutes of memorising; everything she had crammed into her keen mind had all led up to this moment. For as long as she could remember, the notion of flight had fascinated her. Watching the planes take off at the airfield she lived near as a …

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How To Write A Bestseller In 90 Days

How To Write A Bestseller In 90 Days     Read novel Repurpose Honestly though Absorb ideas Pinterest Read another quick-fix guide Is your friend Pinterest Claim originality Copy Spellcheck Repurpose again Pinterest Redistribute Buy following Repin on Pinterest Sell soul Claim victory Boom, there it is In under 90 words, You Wrote A …

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The Writer

The Writer   The writer often hoped that her writing would not come off too autobiographical. She wanted to write, for the love of writing. And yet there’s no real way to keep the writing you create truly impersonal, she thought. Laughing internally at the use of ‘and’ after a full stop, she enjoyed testing …

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The Voice

The Voice   He heard it that morning, louder than ever before. The voice. It loved to wake him in the middle of the night as he lay next to his wife, sleeping yet not quite sleeping. Sometimes he heard it when she spoke to him. Not saying anything in particular, and yet the mere …

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Foundation   The mask I wear sometimes more often than not of late. Slippery yet drying it clings to me like I cling to the idea of youth lingering on inside my sun-damaged face.   Foundation is a base layer a building block for the other visual lies I present to the world or tell …

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Glass   How can something like glass be real? Fragile yet deadly the product of millions of grains of sand and yet entirely transparent. Ethereal yet made of human hand, quick to bite that which created it.   Glass reveals all hides nothing until threatened. Put together it allows vision reinforces natural light helps us …

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The White Dog

The White Dog   What if the Black Dog had a sister? The White Dog, who knows no fear, no rage or madness, laughs entirely in the face of sadness. The White Dog runs, the Black Dog chases, she brings joy and light to our exhausted faces. What if the Black Dog had a sister? …

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