Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger recognition award

Ok, I’ll admit it – I had no idea that there even was such a thing as a Blogger Recognition Award, but it turns out there is, who knew? Anyway, I’ve been nominated for one by the very lovely Abbie of What Abbie Says.

Thanks Abbie!

If you’re just starting out on your writing journey, or have just launched your blog, it’s not a bad idea to read up on these awards. Even if only to avoid being completely clueless about them, as I was up until just now!

Blogger Recognition Award
Check me out with a shiny little badge though…

The Blogger Recognition Award is something awarded by other blog writers, as a sign that they appreciate your work.  Which is lovely. It comes with a set of guidelines, as follows:

  • Thank your nominator (as if you wouldn’t anyway)
  • Write a post in response to your nomination
  • Provide a short bit of background about why or how you started writing
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers or writers
  • Nominate fifteen of your favourite writers or bloggers to let them know you love their work

So, in an effort to get better at accepting compliments, I’ll take my nomination with gratitude and dive straight into points three and four for you.

Why I Started Actual Ar

For the past four years, I’d been running an online design business and producing a blog to run alongside the products I was selling. It turned out I was actually quite good at content writing, and soon found I had other business contacts looking to me for advice on their own blog offerings.

Being the helpful type that I am, I spent a lot of time supporting others with their content strategy and writing their blogs. It was then that I realised I really enjoyed writing and should pursue it properly, like I’d always wanted to when I was younger.

I started Actual Ar to give myself that space to work in, and to curate a portfolio of writing that will hopefully lead to some more regular writing work. I’ve been considering taking the NCTJ qualification to cement my CV a bit more as a writer, but for the time being I’m working on upskilling as much as possible in the freelance field.

Ultimately, while I enjoyed creating content for my design store and supporting others, I needed a space for myself to write creatively, and so Actual Ar was born.

Advice For New Bloggers/Writers

Two things I’d say to people who are new to this field are things I’ve said in previous posts, but still remain true:

  1. Write about what you want. Don’t feel like you have to be trapped by the idea of a niche. It’s really easy to be swayed by what you think is popular, or by what’s going to make you a fortune. Ultimately though, as soon as you start writing about things you don’t really care about, or don’t genuinely have an interest in, your writing will suffer. And it’ll be noticeable.
  2. Be strict with yourself, and set a schedule. If you don’t have a plan for when you’re going to write, and what you might like to write about, you’re going to end up doing a lot of procrastinating. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a plan. It’ll help you stay on course!

My Nominees – Check Them Out

I thought this would be hard because in all honesty, I don’t read other blogs as much as I probably should. However, I soon found it was really easy to pick a load of fellow writers that I’d recommend for a recognition award. 

These people are great, you should 100% check out their work!

  • Our Rach – I love her, my Bristolian counterpart, enough said.
  • Hamster McKenzie – the most hilarious rodent you’ll ever meet.
  • #RFTWBlog – another fave of mine, you’ll love her too!
  • Popcorn For Lunch – I adore this lady, her writing is amazing.
  • Mumconvential – if you love me, you’ll love her too.
  • Young Mumma Looks – an amazing writer and all round beaut.
  • Invisibly Me – Caz writes about her life with an invisible condition, you should defo check out her work.
  • Daft Giraffe – another fab blogger with some great advice for fellow freelancers.
  • Jaki Jellz – I love Jaki, her writing is awesome and her blog looks gorgeous too!
  • 2Nerds & A Baby – family and gaming and all things nerdy.
  • DadGeek – also family and gaming and all things nerdy!
  • The Money Shed – a fantastic resource of tips and advice for anyone looking to boost their income.
  • Me, Annie Bee – another awesome writer who does a weekly winedown, which always makes me laugh!
  • A Mixed Up Mummy – I love Kelly’s work because she writes so frankly, and has also just released the first chapter of her first novel online.

Ok, I know that’s fourteen and not fifteen, but I’m a rebel, what can I say? In truth, there are probably way more people I could recommend, but I’d say that’s a fairly good list to get you started.

Thanks again to Abbie for my nomination and I hope you enjoy visiting the blogs of everyone I’ve mentioned. If you’re looking to learn more about blogging and are wondering where you can get started, check out this post on blogging communities to join to get you started.

Who would you recommend for a recognition award? Tag your favourites in the comments so I can check them out!

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