• Madrid
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    My love affair with Spain will never end. Most people think of Spain and they immediately think about tourist-filled beaches and expat nightmares. Well, that’s certainly true of some areas, but for me, my Spanish heart lies in two areas; Andalusia and Madrid. I want to talk to you about the Spanish capital, because it’s one of the places that I think I really discovered the person that I am now. Not only is it vibrant, complex and beautiful, it’s a city that taught me true independence, a new language (kind of), and a deeper appreciation for the country I’d love to live in again one day. But first, a…

  • Travelar

    NE 2 Ibiza

    I’m meant to be heading to Spain in March for one of my good friends’ weddings. I’m excited, but only because I haven’t left the UK in over four years. The last holiday I had was to the awesome island of Ibiza, one of my favourite places in the whole world…and on return I realised I was going to have a small person, and things were never quite the same again. So in preparation for the first trip abroad in too long, I’m taking a look back at my favourite Balearic island and why I love it there so much. If you haven’t been yet, you need to go. Seriously.…

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    Life And Decline

    It was my birthday on Monday. I’m now back in even numbers. They’re still even numbers past 20, but still, even numbers. Yet although chronologically I’m back in the evens, turning older always leaves me feeling a bit odd. I actually had a really nice day. Complete with unexpected makeover, spending an obscene amount of money I don’t have on products I only vaguely know how to use and a lush dinner out, it was a good one as far as birthdays go. It was a good day to remember all the great things about life. Yet by the end of the week I’m seeing the other side of the…

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    Jobs For The Girls

    I was talking to Small-Me the other day about life, friends and other generic shizz when she decided to ask me a question about work, or ‘workies’ as she likes to call it. The conversation took a sharp left turn that I really was not expecting. “Mammy, why do grown ups have to go out to do workies?” “Well, because grown ups do jobs for other people and places and in return they get given money, so that they can buy food and pay for things that they need.” “But why do they need to have monies for things?” “Because we can’t just take things without paying for them, that…

  • Rantagram


    In the world of blogging (and online life in general) there are two words that are bandied about almost constantly. Those words are ‘content‘ and ‘niche‘. Content as the new buzzword for ‘stuff you post online’ is a key one. It’s interesting; the shift in awareness from blogs being a place to diarise any old shit that you want to get out of your head to a carefully crafted place to document specific ideas that your audience will want to read. It’s a yardstick for success – how much traffic are you getting? What are your stats? Your content needs to be compelling. Blah, blah, fuckety blah. It’s true of…

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