• Reality Bites


    The relationship I have with sleep is complicated. Yes, I’m one of the many of us that are tired every day. I could do three rounds of Lidl with the bags I’m carrying under my eyes. But for me, this isn’t just your normal tired. This is Marks & Spencer level tired. I have Narcolepsy. For those of you who don’t know what that is, a quick google will fill you in on the broad definitions. For those of you too lazy to google, I’ll break it down in simple terms. You know on the TV, where people laugh their heads off at the person who zonks out asleep mid-sentence,…

  • #ShitOrLegit

    #ShitOrLegit – Mumsnet Slang

    AIBU? WWYD? POAS. BFP. OMG. FFS. Yep, Mumsnet slang. It’s the first topic in the #shitorlegit series and I’m fairly certain it’ll be met with a mixed reception, but hey – YOLO. For those of you not in the loop (and its a fucking dreadful loop, make no mistake), I’m about to take you on a journey through time, space and birth boards as we ponder the question of shit or legit. The life of a pregnant woman/new mother is complex enough, but here on the internet we like to take things one step further, linguistically speaking. Apparently, the lairs of Mumsnet/Netmums/Babycentre dwellers are reserved specifically for those with the…

  • #ShitOrLegit

    Series: #ShitOrLegit?

    Time to unleash my guest blog series: #ShitOrLegit? A bit like Deal or No Deal (except with zero input from that bearded creep Edmonds, or, unfortunately, an anonymous financial backer), #ShitOrLegit will examine those fascinating phenomena that both impress and disappoint us all in equal measure. All you’ve got to do is consider some topics of interest/annoyance and ask yourself the following question… shit or legit? For example: Elf on a Shelf – #ShitOrLegit? LinkedIn – #ShitOrLegit? Mrs Brown’s Boys – #ShitOrLegit? Online Spiritualists – #ShitOrLegit? Apple’s pricing strategy – #ShitOrLegit? Michael MacIntyre – #ShitOrLegit? Chinese Buffet vs Chinese Takeaway – #ShitOrLegit? ETCETERA. Want to contribute? Of course you do,…

  • Rantagram

    Short Fuse

    Maybe this is a short girl thing. Maybe it’s an age thing. Maybe it’s just me. My fuse is getting shorter. Increasingly so. I’ve always been a fairly easygoing type when it comes to others. With myself, that’s another story, but with other people I would rarely snap, bite or give them a second thought. I still don’t, in fairness – it takes a special kind of shitgibbon to really rile me. However I’m finding that of late, my irritability has shot through the roof. This manifests in ways I’m not keen on at all. I get frustrated at the slightest thing. I’m snappy with the dog. I’m snappy with…

  • Fittar


    Right. Earlier this year, I decided I was going to try and sort my health out a bit. This wasn’t any kind of ‘weight-loss journey’ waffle, it was legit concern about my health. For this, we need to travel back a couple of years. Small-Me was about 2 and I was skinny as fuck. I mean, 8 stone of skinny. Now, I’ve never in my life been a slim bird. Prior to having Small-Me, I was a solid size 12-14 and 100% not arsed about it whatsoever. As a short lass, that size wasn’t especially flattering on me, but I’ve never been bothered about that stuff in any way shape…

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