20 Travel Targets For 2020

20 Travel Targets For 2020

Here we are once again at the end of another year. It doesn’t feel like two minutes ago I wrote about all the stuff I wanted to achieve in 2019! Somewhat predictably, I’ve not achieved much of it, however, I did achieve one thing, and that was I travelled.

My last-minute trip to Walt Disney World in April and May was amazing. So one thing I want to do before we crash through into the next decade is to set myself some travel targets for 2020.

I mentioned after coming home from Orlando that the post-Disney blues hit me really hard. I think that part of the reason for that is that I realised how much I’ve missed exploring new places.

It’s not always easy, or even possible, to go off and travel once you’ve entered The Thirtyhood. Your responsibilities are full-on, and you have more commitments than you can count.

I’ve always really envied those families who just decide to up sticks and take their kids travelling the world for a couple of years. Part of me wonders how the hell they manage it, but mostly I just admire it. I’m not in a position to do something like that, but what I can do is to set some travel targets for myself and hopefully, at the end of next year I’ll be able to cross some off the list.

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20 Travel Targets For 2020

20 Travel Targets For 2020

1. Forward Planning

I’m notoriously bad at planning ahead and have always been a last-minute holidaymaker. It’s worked out well for the most part, but this coming year I’m going to actually plan in some dedicated time for travel and trips. As soon as I find myself a calendar and can co-ordinate everyone’s schedules, that is.

2. Get Out And About More

I actually think I wrote this down as one of my targets for 2019, but I’ve been a bit hit and miss with it. There’s actually a lot to discover in the UK, so I’m going to make sure I try and spend more time exploring both my local area and other parts of the country.

3. Travel Abroad At Least Once

Hopefully, more than once, but it all depends on what I can budget for. My main savings goal for 2020 is to make enough for us to go back to Walt Disney World. However, anyone who has ever been there will know that it can be a very expensive holiday. Luckily I’m going to make use of all the Disney budgeting tips I picked up this year to try and cut the costs.

4. Streamline The Travel Wardrobe

Travelling light is the way forward, so a top travel target for me is to declutter all my old holiday clothes and only make use of the bare essentials. This might be easier said than done, but it needs doing! Although in fairness, my entire wardrobe needs streamlining, but that’s another story.

5. Try Out The Unknown

There are so many places I’ve never even considered travelling to. This year I’m going to try and shrug off my preconceptions and give new places a try. I thought I’d hate it in Florida, but I absolutely loved it, so I’m going to try and give new places another go.

6. Give France A Second Chance

In the spirit of the above point, maybe it’s time I gave France a second chance. If I’m being totally honest, I can’t bloody stand it in France. Sorry, my francophile friends…but honestly I’ve been there quite a few times now, both to Paris and different cities around the country, and it’s just never been a good experience. However I’m not one to remain stuck in my ways, so if the opportunity presents itself I’ll open my mind and give it another try.

I mean, I could always consider a trip to Disneyland Paris…that might change my view on things a bit!

7. Write More Travel Content

Writing has always been an outlet for me and it also inspires me to experience new things. In 2020 I want to expand my travel content, so in order to do that, I’ll have to actually get out there a bit more! A win-win situation really.

8. Plan Some Budget Getaways

As a naturally thrifty type, it makes sense that I’ll need to find ways to fund my travel targets. I’ll be making use of my cashback sites, discount codes and other money-saving options as much as possible to do so. Travel shouldn’t be something that only a certain few can afford, so I’m going to spend some time looking at ways to cut down on travel expenses.

9. Plan Ahead For Next Christmas

The festive season can actually be quite stressful, to be honest. I have been saying for years that I’d love to do a Christmas break somewhere else. One of my friends went to Tenerife with her family over the Christmas holiday and it looked amazing!

So in 2020 I might finally break with tradition and see if I can book a winter escape somewhere. Not sure where though, because although I’d like to be somewhere else, I’d still want it to feel like Christmas, especially with Small-Me in tow. Perhaps Iceland?!

10. Think Big And Just Do It

A small confession; I booked our trip to Walt Disney World after one too many gins while surfing a holidays site one night. I’d truly just had an ‘oh sod it, let’s go’ moment, and to be honest, I don’t regret it at all. Sometimes I get so hung up on thinking I can’t afford things that I forget to actually live my life.

Was it sensible? No, not really. But was it worth it? Yes, absolutely. My travel target has to be that I stop holding myself back so much because of money….as long as I don’t bankrupt myself then I should get out and enjoy life.

11. Try A New Kind Of Trip

I’ve never been camping. I know, 35 and never been camping. Well maybe in 2020 I’ll go bloody camping. In an actual tent, outdoors. I mean in all fairness I probably won’t, but the intention is there! Maybe I could compromise with a static caravan?

12. Try Out Youth Hostels

Ok, so I’m a bit older than your stereotypical youth hostel demographic, but the YHA actually has some great deals on offer for families too! I didn’t even realise, but we took a trip to Whitby yesterday, and while at the Abbey I learned that you can stay at a massive range of YHA accommodations right across the UK, and you don’t necessarily need to be a young backpacker to do so.

There’s hostels, camping, glamping and all sorts. I was totally in the dark about this, so if you were too then you can check out more about the YHA here.

20 Travel Targets For 2020

13. Take More Photographs

Or more specifically, actually, make use of the ones you take instead of just leaving them to sit on your phone all year. I’ve got some amazing snaps of our holiday to Florida as well as of our days out around the UK. I just always forget to actually share them or print them out!

14. Don’t Stress About School Holidays

It’s a real pain having to be limited to school holiday travel dates, but with some careful planning, it needn’t dominate things. If Small-Me has to miss the odd day of school here or there, I’m not going to lose sleep over it. I’d much rather she was out there experiencing the world than missing out because we can’t afford to take her during holiday times.

15. Days Out Are Still Travel Days

As mentioned, we had a last-minute random day out to Whitby yesterday. It was so much more fun than I was expecting, and we didn’t even get there till 1 pm! I want 2020 to be full of both planned and spontaneous days out that I can write about afterwards. All trips still include travel, after all.

16. Take A Solo Trip Somewhere

This might be really tricky because of my real-life commitments, but I’d love to take a little solo trip in 2020. I’m not sure where yet, but it’d a real goal of mine to have a little break on my own, even just for a couple of days.

17. Visit Friends

Most of my friends actually live in different cities and countries to me. One of my closest friends lives in Turkey and another is in Budapest. They’re always asking me to come and visit…so maybe this year I will! I also really want to explore Bristol this year too, so I can finally roll up to Our Rach‘s doorstep with a bottle of gin, a la Peggy Mitchell and Pat Butcher.

18. Try A Cruise Break

I’ve always fancied going on a cruise or ferry mini-break, but have never actually managed to get on one! This year might finally be the year I get to try out life on the ocean waves. Or the North Sea, whatever.

19. Connect With More Travel Writers

Sometimes it’s hard knowing what to write about, especially when I spend the majority of my time glued to my computer desk. In 2020 I’d love to connect with more travel writers and get inspired by their adventures too. Drop me a link or a comment in the box below if that’s you!

20 Travel Targets For 2020

20. Ignore Instagram

Travelgrammers on Instagram are great, but they can also cause serious feelings of travel envy and inadequacy along with all the wanderlust. I’m planning to concentrate only on my own travel targets and try not to spend hours scrolling through what everyone else is getting up to. If I do, I might never even leave the house!

What Are Your 2020 Travel Targets?

Are you planning to spend a bit more time abroad this coming year? If you have any travel targets for 2020 I’d love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below, or you can always catch up with me on Twitter.

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  1. The Thirtyhood, I love that. Sounds so ominous (and it is, it’s very depressing some days). I love how you booked your Disneyland trip 😂 I think sometimes thinking and caring a little less can be a good thing. Love your hopes and goals for the year, it’s made me want to get out a little more now too!
    Caz xx

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